Märvel - Guilty PleasuresWhat do you get when you throw Thin Lizzy, Ace Frehley hard rock, and a sprinkling of punk into a blender? In short, you get a great band called Märvel. However, this is better than any association with the movie craze that is year after year in our theaters. Therefore with their latest, and eighth release Guilty Pleasures, you run the gauntlet of rock. This album pays tribute to many of the influences on the band, and the genre of rock in general.

The masked men of Märvel play fast, loud, and proudly wearing their influences on their sleeves. Even though you cannot see their faces on The Sign Records issued album, you will find, The King on guitars and vocals, The Burgher on bass, and The Vicar on drums. Opening with a cover of KISS’s “All For The Glory” the guys blaze into a great rendition of the tune. As a major KISS fan, I didn’t even know this one was on the horizon. The Märvel gang then flow into an REO Speedwagon rocker aptly named “Keep Pushin“. The guitar led and grooving “Ten O’Clock Postman” (originally done by Secret Service) keeps this train rolling along the tracks.

Next around this trip is a Monster Magnet song called “Powertrip“. This fast-paced, browbeating song, is absolutely fantastic. It will have you banging along the whole track. Around the corner on this train ride is “Girl Goodbye“. Originally done by Toto. This version reminds you that you’re not in Kansas anymore. With soul felt singing, exceptionally well-produced music, you’ll soon be rocking with Märvel‘s rendition, and enjoying yourself while doing it!

Cresting the mountain on this ride is “Sultans Of Swing“.  The Dire Straits classic is done justice here and doesn’t ruin the original at all as many covers do. Now for the one this listener didn’t know. “El Camino Real“.  Reminds me of a Peter Gunn type atmosphere, originally done by Lee Dresser and the Krazy KatsMärvel has outdone themselves on this one.

Another track by another person I wasn’t aware of, Agnetha Flatskog, is “Can’t Shake Loose“. Maybe it’s Canadian in me, but this one fell off the radar of my music knowledge. Notwithstanding, it’s a great tune! Chugging bass licks, and a swinging percussion gives this one a fun, swing feeling rock tune, with sing-a-long lyrics!

To begin bringing this runaway train ride to a stop is a rendition of “Burning Love“, by The King himself, Elvis Presley. How ironic that the singer for Märvel is also, “The King”, and true to the original, it’s a perfect fit. One can almost see them running onto the stage with rhinestone capes, and shaking hips! Above all, this is a fun, catchy tune no matter how you put it.

To pull the train into the station is the Rick Derringer classic, “Rock N Roll Hoochie Koo“. Therefore I don’t care if you like rock, rap, country or classical music, everyone knows this tune. How could you not, with it being on so many compilations and classic radio stations worldwide.  Enjoy this absolutely rocking, fun version, and end your rock education with Märvel by listening with a smile.

As a result, this is a covers album. Yes, many of the tunes are classics. Yes, many of us know and love them, but you haven’t heard them yet until you listen to Märvel‘s versions of each. You will be glad you did, and maybe even a little more with a new updated sound to them!

Peace out!

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