Swedish hard rockers Mustasch return to the scene with the short but oh so sweet A Final Warning – Chapter One.

Whether it is a commentary on the dire situation of the world at this time or not, it is still hard as nails rock in the Mustasch vein.

Coming in at a paltry 21 minutes the band can be forgiven as this is only part one of a two-album project. Chapter One is set for release on April 16 with Chapter Two coming out at the end of 2021, on Tritonus Records.

A Final Warning is the follow up to 2019’s awesome Killing It For Life (check out the review here) and is similar in its in-your-face-motherfucker delivery.


Ralf Gyllenhammer’s vocals are in typically uncompromising fashion once again. His delivery is powerful, with added power and a bit more power on top. 

The opening title track comments on the way we’ve abused our planet and it is indeed our Final Warning. Can’t really argue that point. The track is quite reminiscent of Shinedown and their modern take on metal. Having said that Mustasch have been around a lot longer, so who reminds of who?

A choppy riff introduces “Contagious” and is a toe-tapping winner with a cool chorus. It’s one of the most melodic of the six tracks on offer.

“Albert Einstein” is up next with the catchy hook of “Do you wanna die, do you wanna die?” 

It’s a bit nu-metal but is full of intent and no little threat. It is also the first track that has a (brief) David Johannesson guitar solo.

One of the two singles from the album – “Contagious” being the other – “You’re Killing Me” comes in the form of sharp, snappy vocals and crunching riffs. Not a lot of melody going on here.


“Searching for Long Range Communication” breaks the mould somewhat in that it lacks the aggression of the other tracks. It also has a pleasant underlying riff running throughout the track and the bonus of another solo. 

“To Be Continued” gives the game away about Chapter Two but only in the title. The actual track is a 1m 30s repeated refrain from the end of the “A Final Warning” track. Neat and effective.

Despite being so short A Final Warning – Chapter One manages to showcase all of Mustasch’s talents. I, for one, will look forward to Chapter Two.



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