NASTY RATZ - Second Chance? (December 13, 2019)New release from: Nasty RatzSecond Chance? December 13, 2019

From Nasty Ratz Facebook Page: “It’s here! Our new album will be called SECOND CHANCE? and here’s the cover.

Mark the date. Second Chance? will be released on December 13th, 2019!”

Facebook Bio: The band NASTY RATZ started in Prague (CZ), September 13th, 2012. The inspiration was pretty clear. Nasty Ratz are often described like a bastard baby of KISS and Guns N’Roses. Needless to say, Nasty Ratz have always wanted the music their way. Despite the lack of respect from the critics, NASTY RATZ have had more and more shows and it took only few months to get outside their home country.

Unfortunately, the band was being slowed down by endless changes of the lineup. Fortunately, it still didn’t mean a small number of the played shows. That was probably the reason that Nasty Ratz got a chance to play a few times with ADAM BOMB (USA), JunkYard 69 (GR), SANDNESS (IT) etc. in the Czech Republic and with CRAZY LIXX (SWE), TIGERTAILZ (UK), BAI BANG (SWE), THE LAST VEGAS (USA), CONFESS (SWE), TOXICROSE (SWE).

The band continues playing in venues all around Europe as headliners and co-headliners (for example for bands like BlackRain, ToxicRose etc). Currently they are working on their second studio album already signed with Sleaszy Rider Records. 2017 brought a new single which was produced by legendary Beau Hill, who contacted band himself. The tune is called “Price Of Love” and helped Nasty Ratz to get a stronger position in the field of music industry. In 2018, Nasty Ratz released another two videos “Poetic Justice” and “Against The World”. The band has kept touring with bigger bands (Green Jelly, Tigertailz, BlackRain, SISTER and MANY more), but also as a headliner all around the EUROPE.


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