Nitrate - Open WideNitrate is a band that in 2018 released its debut album Real World, through MelodicRock Records. It actually gathered some buzz around its classic hard rock sound. The debut was a solid album overall as it definitely included some really catchy, well-crafted songs that were reminiscent of the sound of bands we all know and loved such as Bon Jovi, Def Leppard, Danger Danger, and countless many others. Today the band returns again with their sophomore album titled, Open Wide and, in my opinion, this is an album that will put Nitrate firmly amongst their peers in their genre. With a bigger sound, great songwriting, and much more attitude, you better Open Wide because they’re gonna shove this one way down until you feel it in your toes!

The Band

Nitrate is fronted by Nick Hogg on bass guitar & keyboards. Rob Wylde (Midnite City, Tigertailz, and Teenage Casket Company), co-wrote, produced, and plays rhythm guitar. Pete Newdeck (Midnite City, Eden’s Curse, Blood Red Saints, and Newman) is slamming the skins.  The newest member is Marcus Thurston (Vega) shredding the strings. Finally, the vocals are handled by Philip Lindstrand, (Find Me, East Temple Avenue, Strong). The mastering of the album was handled by the incomparable Harry Hess (Harem Scarem). With a lineup like that, you better be ready for some kick-ass music!

About the album

Nitrate - Open WideThe album starts off with a full fisted punch to the teeth with “You Want It You Got It“.  A powerfully heavy tune with some extremely powerful singing. Not to mention some slamming guitars and a chorus everyone will be singing along with. With a stellar start like that you have to follow it up with even more greatness right? Well next is “Night Time City“. Yet again you get another instant classic. With a real hard 80s-ish sound, you can clearly hear the influences on this one! “Only A Heartache Away” follows that. With this one, you can clearly hear the Midnite City sound & influence here.

Heart Go Wild” is next and I guarantee, this tune will have you reaching for the volume button to crank it to 11. It’s a heavier, hard rocking tune that showcases the raw talent that this band carries with them, that they allow to flow out the ends of their fingers and hands!

The power ballad “In The Night” will have you time traveling to a time where ballads from bands such as Bon Jovi and Whitesnake were leading the pack!

The final two tracks “Shot In The Dark” and “Waiting On You“, are just two more stunning examples of Nitrate‘s abilities and talents!

My Final Psycho Thoughts

Nitrate simply delivers a beast of a Hard Rock album. Fantastic production, well written, and stunningly played. All killer and no filler on this one. This is going to make many greatest album list of 2019 to anyone that hears it. So if you’re clamouring the sounds of the mid-’80s, early ’90s, sound then you HAVE to add this masterpiece to your collection NOW!!




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