PASSION - Under The Covers E.P.A little Passion Under The Covers

One of the things I think everyone loves is a little Passion Under The Covers. Honestly, who doesn’t love that?  One other thing these days is a pleasant surprise. A band releasing an E.P. that I knew about is just that… A surprise! It was a great shock to me when I arose for the day, threw the covers back, went to check my daily messages and news of the world only to discover that the ’80s influenced, and great band Passion on Frontiers Records had released a digital-only E.P. of cover tunes. I quickly logged into my Spotify and was enjoying some classic hits with a new sound.

I think what shocked me first was the actual choice of tunes. The E.P. opens with a Van Halen track. Shockingly it wasn’t from the much loved DLR era. It was from the Van Hagar years. This showed to me that there are others that DO enjoy those albums as much as the classic line-up.

I did a review of Passion’s debut self-titled album back in January (which can be read here) and have been enjoying that album regularly since it came into my hungry hands, but I am getting a little off track.

Tribute To The Greats

So, as I was saying it begins with lead singer Daniel Rossall kicking it off with a great rendition of “Poundcake”. Now, I know that I’m not in a huge company when I say that I loved the Hagar years of Van Halen. I do enjoy the early era as well, but it is possible to like both you know! Anyways the Passion boys do this song absolute justice and keep the song true to its original, and still keep the Passion in the music!

Secondly is another band I’ve seen live a few times now, and still can remember the first time I heard this song. It moved me then and this version still gets me moving. The Slaughter classic, “Up All Night” couldn’t be more appropriate for Passion to cover, especially with how it fits on an EP named Under The Covers if you get my meaning.

PASSION - Under The Covers E.P.Not Your Usual Picks

Coming in third is another perfect song for them to cover.  Since Passion has such an 80’s vibe and sound, why not get one of the most Strip Era bands out there, and cover the RATT song “Loving You Is A Dirty Job”.  Nothing original in this cover, and it’s a dead ringer for the original, but like they say, “if it isn’t broke, then why fix it”. A great cover pays tribute, and this does just that. At least they didn’t choose the overplayed “Round & Round”.

Lastly is a band that seems to be glossed over a lot, not to mention hated because of the Beavis and Butthead years. The Winger classic “Easy Come, Easy Go” will fill out this E.P.  Still another great choice from the Passion gang. They have got the attitude and playing down to a perfect fit here.


Needless to say, if anyone is looking for a different take on any of these classics, you are not going to find that here. Passion has taken songs from their influential catalogue and done a true honest rendition of four of them. They have paid an honest and true tribute to those who came before and kept these classics alive. One can only hope that the next album of originals from Passion will be as great as these are and in 20 – 30 years someone will be covering their songs on an E.P. and keep the circle of music alive.

So until we can all get out and enjoy an actual live show again, gather together and raise a cold one to each other and the artists…Peace!


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  1. Van Halen “Poundcake”
  2. Slaughter “Up All Night”
  3. RATT “Loving You Is A Dirty Job”
  4. Winger “Easy Come Easy Go”