As I sit here listening to new albums for a possible upcoming review I have to ask myself about today’s music. Yes, I’ve always said music is great because there is something for everyone. With all the genres and sub-genres there must be, right? I have noticed something lately though. Many songs are starting to sound generic. Where are the songs that take you out of your daily worries and let you escape the world that we all seem to be slaves too? I can remember going to the music store and just spending countless hours flipping through CDs (or albums) and being captivated by the album artwork making me wonder what the tunes were about.

Some Personal Gripes

Today it seems the thought process of the album artwork seems to be a second thought. Is it because of today’s world? A place of instantly buying and downloading your music? A place where we just turn on our digital devices and hit play? Do we not care about how our musical heroes look or dress anymore. I can remember a time when a band’s new album debuted a new video and within days people were modeling themselves after an accessory or look a band member wore or had their hair like etc.

Now with that all being said, I’m not lumping every band together in this thought. There are MANY bands out there that seem to take the time to plan each aspect of their releases right down to the production and artwork.  It could be that I’m just burnt out. Maybe I listen to too much music these days. I, however, disagree with that thought. Music is VERY important in my life. If I had a choice of blindness or deafness, it’s goodbye eyesight. I NEED to hear my music.

My Reasoning

Psycho BabbleWith saying that you may ask what my gripe is about the artwork. Well, let me explain. I find songs can also paint a picture. To me listening to a song should do just that. Make you imagine how the band looks live. Imagining the pyro and look of the stage show! Or even tell such a story in its lyrics that can bring an imaginative movie into your mind. An escape! Once again taking you away from everyday life!

When you go see a live show, whether it be KISS or Alice Cooper and right through to Garth Brooks you forget what’s outside those walls. You’re not standing (or sitting I guess) thinking about what bills are due tomorrow! No! You’re engrossed in the spectacle right in front of you. Bands today (again not all) seem to just throw their jeans and tees on, go out and play, and knock an album out every few years. Then bitch about how many fans follow them on social media but didn’t buy their latest album!

The Flip Side

Now to flip the coin there are bands that have found a niche and stay comfortably right in it. Take AC/DC for an example. Their sound never really changes does it? Their fan base also really appreciates it too! They put out amazing product and songs and stay true to what works! But again they also work hard on a stunning live show, don’t they?

Psycho BabbleSo maybe I am jaded, burnt out who knows. But aside from a few I’ve recently discovered, I always seem to go back to those bands. I am still always excited to finally find those few that fit my need for new and exciting music that can make the hair stand up on my arms or the back of my neck!

Who do you recommend that could do that these days?

More Psycho Babble

I know this isn’t my usual style. It’s NOT an album review…I guess it’s more of a blog style, but it’s something that has been rattling around in my head. And like a good earworm, sometimes you just gotta get it out. Maybe you agree, or have a thought on the matter. I’d be curious on YOUR thoughts on the matter…Is it today’s generation? Is it the internet that is doing this, or is it the record companies lack of funding in today’s music industry? What do you think is the reason? Chime in and let me know your thoughts, and if you are in the “industry”, give us some insight on the process, and let me and the readers know!

Until then, peace and love, and get out there and discover something new and exciting, and pass the word about it along. I am always on the hunt.

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