SECRET SPHERE - Lifeblood (March 12, 2021)


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New release from: SECRET SPHERE – Lifeblood (March 12, 2021)

Coming March 12, 2021, the new studio album from Italy’s Secret Sphere! Features the return of original vocalist Roberto Messina to the band. First single and more details coming on January 19th. Stay tuned…

Early pre-orders are available now at (EU). U.S. fans will be able to pre-order from Amazon and our soon to be launched new U.S. webstore soon.

We are extremely happy to welcome back Roberto Messina to our ranks! Roberto formed the band together with Aldo and Andy back in 1997 and this is the natural consequence of our history. The recording sessions have been not easy at all, due to the current pandemic situation and we have to be grateful also to our friends Federico Pennazzato, Simone Mularoni and Alessandro Del Vecchio that helped us a lot! The result is pure positive energy and we can’t wait to share the first single with you all


1. Shaping Reality
2. Lifeblood
3. The End Of An Ego
4. Life Survivors
5. Alive
6. Against All The Odds
7. Thank You
8. The Violent Ones
9. Solitary Fight
10. Skywards
11. The Lie We Love


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