SKINNY KNOWLEDGE - Don't Turn Out The Lights (March 5, 2021)

SKINNY KNOWLEDGE – Don’t Turn Out The Lights

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New release from: SKINNY KNOWLEDGE – Don’t Turn Out The Lights (March 5, 2021)

This is a tale about the power of inspiration and creativity…

There’s no doubt the past year has been a huge challenge for creatives, musicians and band’s wellbeing and mental health. For some, the fallout of this traumatic time has been catastrophic. Adapting to unprecedented fluid shifts, artists are being challenged as to their purpose and in some cases, bands are breaking up.

Which begs the question. How can musicians survive and thrive in a time when they’re unable to do the things they love most? What, ultimately, is their driving force?

Skinny Knowledge visionary and vocalist/guitarist Andy L Smooth is no shrinking violet when it comes to explaining why he HAD to record this new album.

One word. Music…

I love music that truly makes you feel something. Music that’s REAL and inspires you and others to move mountains“, explains Smooth. “Songs that leave you with a mark, and truly change your life… that’s the benchmark. Artists with a message. Artists with something to say… this is ground zero for me as a creative. It’s what has got me through incredibly dark times, none more so than 2020.

The debut album Don’t Turn Out The Lights by Skinny Knowledge on first listen is pure blood rock n’ roll tinged with punk influences. However, peel back the layers and what you’ll find at the centre is a big middle finger to a society that makes people feel like it’s not okay to not be okay. A society that creates a tormenting image of false pretence that kicks us when we’re down, rather than helping us back up. In a world full of tainted phone screens and technology, the songs presented on Don’t Turn Out The Lights believe there’s a place inside of all of us that’s searching for some form of realism. This is honest rock n’ roll in every essence. Thundering drums, roaring guitars, and a voice with something to say.


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