SQUEALER - Insanity (December 04, 2020)

SQUEALER – Insanity

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New release from: SQUEALER – Insanity (December 04, 2020)

SQUEALER, one of Germany’s very own Power & Thrash Metal pioneers, are now back with a vengeance! Insanity is the name of their 10th studio release since their foundation in the 1980’s – and the new opus impressively starts where the successful predecessor Behind Closed Doors has stopped!

As usual, the quintet shows its versatility and intricacy: Insanity once again delivers everything a Metal fan may be looking for. Power ballads like “Black Rain” go hand in hand with Thrash metal hymns such as the opener “Into Flames”, “Hunter Of Myself” or “My Journey” and powerful Metal tracks like “Bad tasting Sin” or “Insanity”. Through the years, SQUEALER undoubtfully have managed to follow their roots but nevertheless also to create their very own, up-to-date sound that also includes huge polyphonic choirs from time to time.

SQUEALER today consists of Lars Döring (guitars), Michael Schiel (guitars), Sebastian Werner (vocals), Manuel Roth (bass) and new member Peter Schäfer on drums. Ito Grabosch took once again are of the recordings while Roland Grapow (Helloween/Masterplan)  handled the mixing and the mastering. This time, some guests have joined the band from North Hessia in the studio; i.e. on the track “Black RainBernhard Weiss (AXXIS) and Zak Stevens (CIRCLE II CIRCLE, SAVATAGE, TSO) guest on vocals and Roland Grapow (Masterplan, ex-Helloween) on lead guitar with one solo whilst Ingmar Klippert can be heard on piano on the song “Low-flying Brains”.

Insanity is the second release from SQUEALER on Germany based label Pride & Joy Music and will be unleashed on December 4th, 2020. The tracks “Black Rain” and “Bad Tasting Sin” will be released as singles and audio videos in advance.

Line-up: Lars Döring (guitars), Michael Schiel (guitars, backing vocals, piano on “Black Rain”), Sebastian Werner (vocals), Manuel Roth (bass, backing vocals), Peter Schäfer (drums)


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