Stargazer - The Sky Is The LimitAbsolute melodic hard rock perfection. Have I got your attention? Yes, you heard me correctly. This is a true gem of a melodic hard rock album. Stargazer is a Norwegian hard rock/metal band consisting of Tore André Helgemo on vocals and guitars, William Ernstsen ripping on his guitar, BP Hovik slamming the drums, and Erik Svendgaard on bass. No this isn’t cookie monster vocals, or dark, like what a lot of Norwegian bands are. This is stellar Hard Rock/Metal and an absolute gem to your ears!

A Brief History

With influences such as Black Sabbath, Van Halen, Ozzy, and Dokken, and many more you can get a feel from where these guys are coming from. Founded by Tore André Helgemo and William Ernstsen in 2008, both coming from a band Friend.  In 2008 the band name was changed to Stargazer, recording their debut in late 2009. Fast forward to 2018 and mixing has begun on the new album, The Sky Is The Limit, in Medley Studios in Copenhagen, Denmark.

The Sky Is The Limit

This is the type of album that I love to hear. It just rocks literally all the way through, with no filler whatsoever in my opinion. There is even an instrumental track aptly named “Racing The Devil“. I personally have never been one for instrumental tracks, but this is a stunning showcase of talent here. The track flows along with a hard edge to it and could rival anyone on any of the instruments.

Having thirteen tracks in total, due out October 2019, from Mighty Music Target Records DK, this album will keep you on your chair with your fist in the air all the way to the end, and then have you reaching for the repeat button to listen again. I have not heard the debut album from these guys, but if it is a fraction of what is on here, then I will be seeking it out immediately!


Stargazer - the Sky is the LimitThere is no way a listener of The Sky Is The Limit could truly find anything wrong with anything on this album. It has very quickly been on constant rotation for me, and I still love every track I hear. A definite contender for one of my top 5 albums of the year! Give it a listen, and let me know what your thoughts are. I’d bet you will enjoy just as much as myself. If not, then I’d suggest you return to your Justin Beiber albums, and enjoy that, because this type of perfection just isn’t for you!

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  1. The Sky Is The Limit
  2. I’m The One
  3. Shadow Chaser
  4. So Now Your Leaving
  5. Lost Generation
  6. Cold As Ice
  7. Turn Me On Forever
  8. Every Dog Has Its Day
  9. Racing The Devil
  10. Come To Me
  11. Sentimental Guy
  12. Takin It Slow
  13. Silenced By The Wind