I absolutely love when I get to dive into a new release from a new band and have my dick totally knocked into the dirt! What? Steel Prophet are not a new band? They formed in 1984! The first album was released in 1990 and The God Machine is actually their 12th full length release! How in the world did I miss this? This is nothing short of an epic fail on my part. On the bright side, I have a whole new catalogue of music to search out and enjoy because this record absolutely smokes!

Sometimes it’s ok to judge a book by its cover. It’s rare but occasionally an album cover can perfectly represent the genre and even quality of the music found within. Such is the case with Steel Prophet’s The God Machine (2019)

Within the latest batch of music submitted for CGCM reviews, I couldn’t help but notice the incredible cover art from this unknown band and unknown album. It absolutely screams METAL! Rivaling the quality of Iron Maiden or Testament.

The God Machine

I slipped on the headphones and the opening shots of “The God Machine“, the title track nearly blew my head off. It took almost 30 seconds to set its hooks into my flesh and by the time the chorus hit, I was gobsmacked. If you like Priest, Maiden and fellow Canucks, Annihilator then you need this record. Ok maybe that’s a bit premature after only half of a song but that is how you kick off an album.

“Crucify” and Thrashed Relentlessly” complete the 1-2-3 punch of this record! My initial reaction of “you need this record” still stands. Three songs in and I am looking at my top ten of 2019 list as I might need to make room for this juggernaut!

It’s about here that Steel Prophet changes gears and throws another flavour into the formula “Dark Mask (Between Love and Hate)” pumps a little melodic blues into the metal with a bit of a Whitesnake vibe both vocally and melodically. Amazing track, possibly my favourite on the album.

“Damnation Calling”? Two words, fucking brilliant!

This might get me lynched but “Soulhunter” is exactly the type of music Maiden should be delivering. Hands down better than anything on Book of Souls. “Buried and Broken” slows things down and although I dig the chorus, this one doesn’t really grab me.

Track 8, “Lucifer – The Devil Inside” brings me right back in! The chugging guitar riff and the Dio-esque vocal is heavy metal excellence. The album rolls on with two more tracks “Fight, Kill” and the finale “Life=Love=God Machine”. The latter being one of my favourite tracks on the entire record.

This album checks all the boxes. Amazing heavy metal? CHECK! Amazing production? This record is sonically fantastic, CHECK! Metal as Fuck album cover? CHECK! My initial reaction stands strong. If you dig Priest, Dio, and Maiden you absolutely need to buy The God Machine. Do not pass go, do not collect $200 just buy this album! One of the top releases of 2019.