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RON KEEL BAND “Girls Like Me” Video


HELIX “Coming Back With Bigger Guns”

SINNER – Santa Muerte (Album Review)

After my discovery of Sinner thanks to 2013’s Touch Of Sin 2 record, I’ve counted them among bucket list live bands. That release featured re-records of classic Sinner material from the early days of the back catalog as those albums are long out of print. Oh yeah, for those unaware as I was until 2013, […]

D-A-D – A Prayer For The Loud (Album Review)

When many people think of a rock band, they usually don’t think of the blues. Well, that may be true, but without blues players like the legendary, Robert Johnson, or others like Muddy Waters, or BB King, we wouldn’t have the rock we all know and love today. One band that comes to mind is […]

IRON SAVIOR – Kill or Get Killed (Album Review)

German power metallers Iron Savior may not be the most widely known or recognized name in North America. But that’s a grievous oversight on us all! For those not in the know already, Iron Savior began over 20 years ago! The band formed in 1996 in Hamburg, Germany. While today Piet Sielck remains the sole […]

U.D.O. – Steelfactory (Album Review)

Udo Dirkschneider has been delivering quality heavy metal for over 40 years. Beginning his career with Speed Metal forefathers, Accept he fronted the band for seven classic releases. In 1987 Dirkschneider departed Accept beginning a successful solo career and has issued an immense catalog of music under the U.D.O. banner. Returning briefly in the 90’s […]

ROSS THE BOSS – Rockpile Toronto (Concert Review)

This is a bit of an elusive event for me. Knowing the day I had laid out before the concert, I expected I may not make it. For the second time. I was on target to see ROSS THE BOSS at Legions of Metal in May of 2017. That day didn’t pan out either and […]

DIRKSCHNEIDER – Back To The Roots Part 2 Tour Back To Back Toronto/Ottawa!

On April 6, 1952, 65 years ago a man was born. This man would become a stalwart figure in heavy metal. Udo Dirkschneider rose to the metalhead’s eyes and ears as frontman for the 1970s formed German band Accept. The band impressed audiences and issued a six-album catalog before Udo departed in 1987 to form […]

CGCM Podcast Interviews GYPSY ROSE Vocalist, MICHAEL ROSS (News)

CGCM Podcast Interviews GYPSY ROSE Vocalist, MICHAEL ROSS (News)

The CGCM Podcast has released an interview with Michael Ross, vocalist of the Sarnia, ON-based Canadian band Gypsy Rose. Signed to Gene Simmons’ record label Simmons Records/RCA, Gypsy Rose released their debut album Prey in 1990. The album was a melodic hard rock masterpiece. But a changing of musical climate combined with a complete shake-up at RCA left this incredible debut in limbo […]

SHAKRA – Snakes & Ladders (Album Review)

SHAKRA – Snakes & Ladders (Album Review)

Late to the party on this fantastic Swiss export, I only joined the Shakra ranks on the High Noon album. From there it was all aboard the Shakra express! I began collecting Shakra‘s recorded offerings. While I still haven’t amassed them all, everything I have managed contains tons of top quality hard rock. The band […]

MASTERPLAN – PumpKings (Album Review)

MASTERPLAN – PumpKings (Album Review)

Masterplan‘s PumpKings launches off the starting line like a stone being fired from Dennis The Menace‘s slingshot! The album features new recordings of old Helloween compositions. Revisiting his former band, Masterplan leader Roland Grapow has re-vamped the material. The album became available on August 11, 2017, thanks to AFM Records. Guitarist Roland Grapow joined German trail blazing […]

CGCM PODCAST Release Premiere Episode (News)

CGCM PODCAST Release Premiere Episode (News)

The CGCM PODCAST released the premiere episode on Monday, April 10, 2017. You can listen in via Soundcloud and of course like, share and follow on Facebook. So, who are the CGCM PODCAST and why April 10 for the show’s launch? Find out in their press release below. Long time Decibel Geek contributors/staff writers/editors/occasional Podcast […]