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ALCHEMY – Dyadic (Album Review)

When I was a wee lad, I knew that music was forever going to be a HUGE thing in my life. It’s on when I wake up, shower/bath, drive, and in waiting rooms via smartphones these days! I’m forever on the lookout for new and exciting bands to fire me up, and make me say […]

WEST BOUND – Volume 1 (Album Review)

Chas West, known for Lynch Mob, Bonham, and Resurrection Kings, has returned with a whole new band to assault our eardrums. With him, he has brought well-known guitarist/producer Roy Z (Bruce Dickinson, Halford). They complete the lineup with Jason Cornwell on bass, Jimmy Burkard on guitar, Dave “Chilli” Moreno on drums. Stephen LeBlanc provides the […]

VIANA – Forever Free (Album Review)

Without a doubt, the sophomore album Forever Free by Italian guitarist Stephano Viana on Escape Music is a listening pleasure to this lover of Melodic Hard Rock. As soon as I put this on to give it a spin (old school way of saying pressing play on the listening device!) I was moving to the […]

THE TREATMENT – Power Crazy (Album Review)

A few years back, after being out of music for quite some time, I jumped back into the pool in full force. It’s like I was whole again, I didn’t realize how much music meant to me. Why I was “out of the game”, we’ll leave for another day. But, I indeed discovered that “my […]

JOHN GÄLT – Still Drinking (Album Review)

If you’re like me, you love the hard rocking sounds of the 80’s glam/hard rock scene. Some people say it’s done and over. I say to those, you’re not looking hard enough! I find new ear worms constantly. No, it may not be coming out of the Sunset Strip like it used to, but it’s […]

IRON SAVIOR – Kill or Get Killed (Album Review)

German power metallers Iron Savior may not be the most widely known or recognized name in North America. But that’s a grievous oversight on us all! For those not in the know already, Iron Savior began over 20 years ago! The band formed in 1996 in Hamburg, Germany. While today Piet Sielck remains the sole […]

FRENZY – Blind Justice (Album Review)

Comics and metal like peas and pods? How can you go wrong with a combination like that? When I was but a young lad, I was, of course, a comic book fanatic. These days I like some of the feature films and a couple of the TV shows. But mostly I’m out of touch with […]

BONAFIDE – Live at KB (Album Review)

Many CGCM Podcast listeners received their Bonafide introduction as we featured their track “50/50” on our 50th Anniversary Episode. Touted as one of Sweden’s hardest working bands, Bonafide has six studio albums in their catalogue. And on March 15, 2019, they unleash their first live record. Delivered via their own record label, BONAFIDE – Live […]

BABYLON SHAKES – Exile To The Velveteen Lounge (Album Review)

Anyone out there want to kick off 2019 with a low down, dirty slab of sleaze rock then listen up. Babylon Shakes is about to drop their debut album from HIGH VOL MUSIC entitled Exile To The Velveteen Lounge. Those that know me are well aware I have a soft spot for the “sleaze rock” […]

KILLER BEE – Remember the Times (Album Review)

Atmospheric beginnings leave way into the explosion of hard drumming and sweet guitar riffage that follow. That’s the start of the latest offering from the Swedish Canadian band Killer Bee and the lead track “Rockaholic”. The song rips along at a breakneck pace with almost thrash sensibilities underlying. That’s exactly how you open a fucking […]