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PAIN CITY – When Life Gets You (Album Review)

So, I’m a proper idiot sometimes! Listeners of the CGCM Audio Podcast Episodes are already aware of this, however! Let me give a quick little backstory here. My email inbox is literally flooded daily with album promos, band news, video releases etc. Having a minor breakdown at the sheer overwhelmingness of it all, I started […]


Always dreaming and wanting with all my heart to attend a major festival in Europe, I took the plunge in 2013. My victim of choice was the Sweden Rock Festival. Upon viewing the roster I immediately had that “had to go or die” feeling…you know the one! That very first journey, filled with anticipation, nervousness […]

SNEW – You’ve Got Some Nerve (Album Review)

It’s not SNEW, s’old to me! Somehow, somewhere I came across the band SNEW and their 2008 CD SNEW You. I also crossed paths with the 2014 single “Thunderdog” or maybe that’s where it all started? No idea, but a great track in any case! Then while attending a pool party ahead of the Monsters […]

DAMN DICE – Thriller Killer (Album Review)

Damn Dice kinda came at me from out of nowhere. Sure they contacted me through the Decibel Geek email board to submit their forthcoming Thriller Killer album for review. But I didn’t expect what I heard. I envisioned, for some reason, another 80s sound clone type band that never really quite reaches the target quality […]

ROADKILL – Ruled by Machines (Album Review)

In early January of last year (2017), I discovered a band, album, and song that got its hooks in deep. From the first “click” on the video suggestion that popped up in the sidebar while checking something else out on YouTube, I was hooked. I usually ignore those things, but for some reason, I clicked […]

MIA KLOSE – Stronger (Album Review)

UK based Swedish singer Mia Klose first came to my attention thanks to Sweden Rock Festival. In 2013 I made my inaugural trek trans-Atlantic to attend my first Sweden Rock, not my last! Prior to departing Toronto for the adventure, I performed my due diligence on many, many bands of the 80 act roster that […]

VANDALLUS – Bad Disease (Album Review)

Although the initial offering from Ohio’s Vandallus arrived in 2016, the band was unknown to me. That debut release, On The High Side, delivered by High Roller Records, completely slipped me by. Perhaps even more notable is that Vandallus contain members of thrash band Midnight. From Midnight, Shaun Vanek (guitars and vocals), and Steve Dukuslow […]

SATAN – Cruel Magic (Album Review)

“Are you familiar with Satan? No not the ruler of the Underworld but the band. Yes, there’s a band with that, perhaps very unfortunately so, choice of name that may have helped to contain them in obscurity for much of their career.” I wrote that as my opening line when reviewing SATAN – Atom By […]

DREAM PATROL – Phantoms of the Past (Album Review)

As a kid, I remember being excited to head over to my buddy’s house and watch restricted movies. Usually, action and/or horror films were the genres of choice and the A Nightmare On Elm Street series was a popular one. Receiving the album promo for DREAM PATROL – Phantoms Of The Past and reading that […]

HITTEN – Twist of Fate (Album Review)

Viva Espanola! I’m not familiar with the work of Spanish metallers Hitten prior to Twist of Fate. I understand they issued a couple of EPs and two full-length albums, (First Strike with the Devil and State of Shock). The latter long-player, the fruit of their partnership with High Roller Records. Not bad for a band […]