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WARRIOR SOUL – Rock ‘n’ Roll Disease (Album Review)

I’m expanding my horizons. Rock and roll isn’t dead (seems to be the tagline of today), but it’s harder to find maybe. So far this year, I commented recently, that there were very few releases with that “wow” factor. I like a high energy, head-banging, fist-pumping, foot-to-the-floor flavour to my preferred tunes. I started to […]

SARASIN – Raise the Pain (Album Review)

Some years back, let’s say in January/February of 2015, a plain kraft paper envelope arrived in my mailbox. Simply addressed to “The Meister”, inside was the self-titled album from Hamilton, Ontario band Sarasin. Now, I had caught no whiff of mention or knowledge of Sarasin pre-kraft envelope arrival at my doorstep. I found a CD […]

BAI BANG – Best of Four (Album Review)

CGCM gets banged! Bai Bang is a Swedish Melodic Rock band that formed back in the late 80s in Helsingborg, Sweden. With a back catalogue of eight studio releases, the band has always worked hard in the shadows. Often touring, they love the live show experience. Now with Diddi Kastenholt (vocals) the sole remaining original member, […]

TRUCKER DIABLO – Other Side of the City (Single Review)

I owe a few things to the Northern Ireland band TRUCKER DIABLO. They were a huge part in my “reawakening”. You see, I spent a number of years “out” of music. Mostly for reasons that I just don’t care to go into here and it’s not really important anyway. As I started to once again […]

L.A. GUNS – The Devil You Know (Album Review)

Straight Outta Hell! I know I am probably the wrong person to be reviewing the brand new album L.A. Guns – The Devil You Know. Some might say I am too much of a fanboy to objectively review one of their albums. To those people I have two things to say; you’re absolutely right and […]

DEVIL’S GUN – Sing for the Chaos (Album Review)

If I’m being totally honest, there isn’t a ton of “wow factor” albums I’ve listened to so far in 2019. In fact, I’ve personally been quite disappointed with a lot of the outputs. But I found a pleasant surprise recently and now another one here with Devil’s Gun! On April 12, 2019, Devil’s Gun – […]

TRISHULA – Scared To Breathe (Album Review)

Who doesn’t love a good CD playing in the car? Whether you’re out doing daily chores, or maybe jogging, or working out with your earbuds in, it’s always better with something that makes you want to move a little more. However, sometimes it’s just good to do nothing and listen to some great music. How […]

MASS – Still Chained (Album Review)

Get ready of a full-on assault to the senses. MASS have returned! The newest upcoming release from the band proves that things get better with time. Welcome to MASS – Still Chained. Vocals getting belted out from Matthias Pfaller are strong and powerful, only to be backed up by Hans Heid ripping it up and […]

ALCHEMY – Dyadic (Album Review)

When I was a wee lad, I knew that music was forever going to be a HUGE thing in my life. It’s on when I wake up, shower/bath, drive, and in waiting rooms via smartphones these days! I’m forever on the lookout for new and exciting bands to fire me up, and make me say […]

WEST BOUND – Volume 1 (Album Review)

Chas West, known for Lynch Mob, Bonham, and Resurrection Kings, has returned with a whole new band to assault our eardrums. With him, he has brought well-known guitarist/producer Roy Z (Bruce Dickinson, Halford). They complete the lineup with Jason Cornwell on bass, Jimmy Burkard on guitar, Dave “Chilli” Moreno on drums. Stephen LeBlanc provides the […]