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MAUDIIR – La Part Du Diable – (EP Review)

“Who The “F” Is? Maudiir is a Canadian metal artist comprising of one guy called F. In the press release it said all instruments by F, all songs written, produced and mastered by F. I wondered who is this elusive character? Well, it mentioned he was a member of the band Trinity Blast. Looking them […]

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STALAGGH – Metal or Noise? (Joe’s Metal Jive)

The Metal Noise: Stalaggh’s Projekt Misanthropia – at what point does music not become music? “Aaaaarrrggghhghghhh” – Projekt Misanthropia Now I am not going to lie to any of you, I cannot really say I am all that big on Black Metal. At this time I can probably only name you some of the big […]

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