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EVERY MOTHER’S NIGHTMARE – Backtraxx (Album Review)

Grab your whiskey, some chaw, and get ready for some infectious grooves, and the guitar licks that can only come from one group. Every Mother’s Nightmare returns again with a remixing and remastering of one of their harder to find albums, Backtraxx. The boys remind us of the sound that gave them the edge in […]

LONERIDER – Attitude (Album Review)

Today, a day like many starts off with earphones, a steaming cup of the elixir of life for an early riser heading to work. It was time for this guy to relax before clocking in and check out the new album Attitude by Lonerider The Band The line-up alone was enough to peak this guy’s […]

LONDON – Call That Girl (Album Review)

Anyone that should be reading this or listening to the type of music we like here at the CGCM must know who LONDON is. The infamous names that have been associated with this group, such as Nikki Sixx, Blackie Lawless, and Fred Coury are enough to pique your interest. One cannot claim that LONDON is […]

GUNNER – All Access (Classic Album Review)

It’s time to once again introduce you to a new band I myself just discovered. Be prepared for a fantastic journey back to the days of hair, neon, sweat, and leather. Hailing from Buenos Aires, Argentina I present to you all, Gunner. Yes, this album came out in 2016, but from the moment I hit […]

SYRENCE – Freedom In Fire (Album Review)

Once again, the Hard Rock/Metal Gods have blessed us with a good old fashion, in your face straight up metal act. There is no nonsense with the sound, just old school sounding metal. Syrence is just that. That high tech industrial sounding metal will not be found on anywhere on Freedom in Fire. This is […]

X-ROMANCE – Voices From The Past (Album Review)

One day while looking around the internet, I kept seeing this name popping up on all the music sites I frequent. Sure enough, sitting in the “To-Do” email box is the CD waiting for review. Well after seeing all the talk, I had to stop and check it out. And I’m quite glad I did. […]

99 CRIMES – Self-Titled (Album Review)

My fellow music lovers! Have I got a treat for you? How’s this sound . . . “No glossy glam here, just adrenalized vocals, face melting guitar, and a rhythm section that registers on the Richter scale!” That’s a direct quote from the press kit that came to me with this album. I couldn’t ask […]

7HY – No Going Back (Album Review)

I personally love the sound that came from the strip back in the day. I mean who doesn’t right? The party never ended and the selection of great music seemed endless. I speak in the past tense but it’s not really over. Not yet! If you love the sound that I’m talking about don’t worry. […]

MOTLEY CRUE – The Dirt (Album Review)

Sometimes, I will avoid reviewing a new release simply because everyone has done it. Who wants to read something that is almost the same over and over again right? Well as much that has been published about Motley Crue –The Dirt Movie, and soundtrack, I barely read anything about one glaring omission. I’m here to […]

PRETTY WILD – Interstate 13 (Album Review)

Just a little info about myself. I’m a 6’9″ man that is as large as I am tall. Weighing in at 300+ pounds, I work hard for a living just like everyone else. I’ve recently had knee surgery, and have been home a lot, with a lot of free time on my hands. With that […]