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SWEDEN ROCK 2019 Coverage


CALL OF THE WILD Festival Coverage

SKY EMPIRE – The Dark Tower (Album Review)

I have yet another Progressive Metal band that I need to let you know about. Releasing their debut album, The Dark Tower, which only has five tracks, but they are amazing sounding tracks! You can describe their sound a bastard child of heavy rock bands like Deep Purple, Iron Maiden, and Rush, with a touch […]

WARRIOR ANGEL – Griffin 1.29, Chapter 1 (Album Review)

New? Something new and probably unknown to many? Sure…We’ve got that. How about some Canadian Rock with a Yugoslavian background? A true story telling of passion, love, pain and sadness. A story that only those close to it can truly understand. Sound like a plot of a Friday night feature? Nope, it’s the new album […]

FUTURE NOW – Utopia Awaits (Album Review)

Again, I sit here, recovering from surgery. Bored…yes, but time to maybe see what’s new, and happening in the music world. Recently I was contacted by a new band that is trying to carve a niche out for themselves, like many other musicians. I’m one of those people that tend to first look at the […]

BLIND CROSS – Merciless Time (Album Review)

Time to tell you once again about some new, upcoming Power Metal! Like I’ve said before in one of my reviews, I’m picky about my metal. This one falls into that rare category that I actually really like it! The unique voice, effective riffs, and the out of this world playing is worth the time […]

LICENCE – N.2.O.2.R (Album Review)

Every once in a while an album for review comes across my computer, and there is just something about it that tweaks one’s interest.  Something about it screams, LISTEN TO ME!  Maybe it’s the band name, logo, or album art, I don’t know, but this one slapped me across the face and demanded attention like a […]

DIRTY HONEY – Dirty Honey (EP Review)

Many times when I have a few albums to listen too and write reviews on, I’ll be honest, it’s the album cover or pictures that accompany it that make me choose which I listen to first. To be completely honest, the cover for Dirty Honey didn’t scream out “Listen To Me.” Unfortunately, it kinda got […]

BEXATRON – Hey You (Album Review)

Self-described as a four-piece band from London, UK that plays Hi Octane punk with a coating of Glam pretty much sums up Bexatron.  Being one of London’s most exciting new talents, the band has been creating a buzz all across the United Kingdom! Having been recognized for their high energy shows, and showing their influences […]


As it was pointed out in the last episode of the CGCM Podcast – Ep#64 – Massive D.I.T.D. With Andy Travis, I tend to lean towards the more melodic hard rock. Yes, that may be true, but there are exceptions! There are times I dive into something a little heavier, and sometimes I go full […]

WILDHEART – No Love (Album Review)

One of my most “waiting to hear” albums since I listened to the teasers over the last few months has been No Love from WildHeart. This band from Belgium had that sound that just infected me and left me wanting to hear more. After finally getting my grubby, music-loving hands on the album, I was […]

HARD:ON – Bad Habits Never Die (Album Review)

With a name like what you see at the top of this review, you might think that we are branching out into a new “Adult” entertainment branch of the CGCM. Well, I can promise you we are not. We are still going to try to bring you some of the new, and titillating music that […]