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RON KEEL BAND “Girls Like Me” Video


HELIX “Coming Back With Bigger Guns”

VIXEN – Sweden Rock Festival 2018 (Spotlight Review)

SWEDEN ROCK FESTIVAL has always been about the music. That’s what got me trekking across the oceans that first time six long years back now. I’ve not missed one since and don’t plan on it anytime soon. The magical music performances are what does it. Sometimes it’s a long defunct band enticed back to the […]


The Melodic Rock genre is a family. In every sense of the word. Events like this just hammer that home. The camaraderie shown to every attendee (fan/band/organizer) is overwhelmingly immense. This particular event, MelodicRock Fest Scandinavia, took place in Malmo, Sweden. While there have been other MelodicRock Fests in the past in U.S.A. and Australia, […]

LITTLE CAESAR – Live In Sweden (Concert Review)

A mathematical thing. 30 years. Over 10 failed attempts. 4 different countries. What does it add up to? 1000’s of tears.¬†Tonight, I cried. I openly wept warm salty tears of disbelief and happiness. After approximately 30 years and¬†over 10 false starts, I finally witnessed Little Caesar live. Little Caesar hit the music scene in 1989 […]

LEGIONS OF METAL II FESTIVAL – Day One (Festival Report)

LEGIONS OF METAL II FESTIVAL While obviously paramount, every festival is about more than the music. The social aspect and expanding your worldwide network of like-minded friends has to come into play somewhere as well. Also eating, that’s important too! This means at a jam-packed event like the Legions of Metal II Festival, it is […]

LEGIONS OF METAL II FESTIVAL – Pre-Party (Festival Report)

The 2018 Legions of Metal II Festival was a complete and total no-brainer for me. Last year I attended the event mostly because my beloved Lady Beast was on the roster. Who’s kidding who…if not for that, the event may have flown under my radar forever! 2017 brought some troubled times for me personally, but […]

AUTOMAN.CA Local Pit Crew Check-In From Bovine Sex Club (Concert Review)

I went to visit an old friend tonight. The kind of friend that’s always there but sometimes you don’t see for years! Not from bitterness or neglect just different paths in life. In the early Decibel Geek days, I wrote two reviews of an awesome Canadian band called Now it was time to revisit […]

SHOKKER at NYDM Spring Bash and M-Pre Party (Concert Review)

Not knowing a ton about this band’s years active or history didn’t deter their 2017 issued debut CD, III, from breaking into my best of the year list. Check out my podcast (CGCM Podcast EP#22 – Best of 2017) with co-host Wally Gator….the disc hit his list too! My cohost even wrote a stellar album […]

Stalking The Beast (On Tour With LADY BEAST) (Concert Reviews)

For a musically passionate (recently named bonkers by a UK friend) individual such as I, following a favorite band on a mini-tour is borderline erotic. Maybe I am bonkers, but this crazy Canadian recently bought himself a little week-belated birthday gift. Flying from Toronto to Columbus Ohio I began a four night, four show, four […]

ROSS THE BOSS – Rockpile Toronto (Concert Review)

This is a bit of an elusive event for me. Knowing the day I had laid out before the concert, I expected I may not make it. For the second time. I was on target to see ROSS THE BOSS at Legions of Metal in May of 2017. That day didn’t pan out either and […]

DIRKSCHNEIDER – Back To The Roots Part 2 Tour Back To Back Toronto/Ottawa!

On April 6, 1952, 65 years ago a man was born. This man would become a stalwart figure in heavy metal. Udo Dirkschneider rose to the metalhead’s eyes and ears as frontman for the 1970s formed German band Accept. The band impressed audiences and issued a six-album catalog before Udo departed in 1987 to form […]