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SWEDEN ROCK 2019 Coverage


CALL OF THE WILD Festival Coverage

DARK BLUE INC. – Linked To Life (Album Review)

Blistering solos, pounding drums, and powerful bass and vocals! Isn’t that what we all want from a band and album? Look no further than Dark Blue Inc. – Linked To Life, From El-Puerto-Records. It’s one of those that, back in my day, the album cover caught the eye. Cool album. Cool band name and font.  […]

PENDULUM OF FORTUNE – Return To Eden (Album Review)

I’m doubtful that many of you have heard about the band, Pendulum Of Fortune. On El Puerto Records, it’s the creation of drummer Bodo Schopf. Being known from bands like Michael Schenker Group, Eloy, not to mention The Sweet. Pairing up with David Readman (Pink Cream 69, and VooDoo Circle), getting Franky R. on bass […]

PENDULUM OF FORTUNE – Return to Eden (March 8, 2019) (News)

This one shot across The Meister‘s desk this morning and it’s very exciting too! This band, Pendulum of Fortune, features legendary MSG drummer Bodo Schopf and Pink Cream 69/ex-Voodoo Circle vocalist David Readman. On March 8, 2019, via El Puerto Records they deliver Pendulum of Fortune – Return to Eden, the band’s sophomore release. Pendulum […]

MISSION IN BLACK – Anthems Of A Dying Breed (Album Review)

During a lengthy intro, “Premonition of Chaos”, which I’m not a fan of in any instance really, a deep booming voice invades the eardrums. The voice proclaims “…They’re on a mission and their mission is black!” And then Anthems of a Dying Breed literally erupts with “Welcome to the Apocalypse”. Like an exploding volcano spewing […]

SOULDRINKER – War Is Coming (Album Review)

SOULDRINKER – War Is Coming (Album Review)

Souldrinker have arrived and they’ve brought war! The, I believe German, outfit dropped their debut full-length War is Coming on November 3, 2017, courtesy of El Puerto Records. November 24, 2017, for CD & vinyl in North America. And what a release it is! Having had the pleasure of possessing a promo download of this for […]