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A RITUAL SPIRIT – The Antidote (EP Review)

A Little Background: A Ritual Spirit are an Edinburgh based heavy rock/metal band who have been around since 2010. They have previously released a couple of EPs (2010 and 2011) and an album entitled Carnival Carnivorous away back in 2013. The Antidote is the first release since then. There has been a couple of changes […]

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THE WILDHEARTS – Diagnosis (EP Review)

Who Are The Wildhearts? The Wildhearts are an English rock band, formed in 1989 in Newcastle upon Tyne. The band’s soundscape is a mixture of hard rock and melodic pop music.  To my ears, they sound a great deal like pop-punk, but with an AC/DC sensibility. The Wildhearts achieved several top 20 singles and one […]

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ELEINE – All Shall Burn (Album Review)

Hailing from Sweden, Eleine is back with the new EP All Shall Burn. With heavy riffs, harsh growls, captivating vocals and beautiful symphonic arrangements Eleine has mesmerized fans all over the world. Their self-titled debut album released in 2015 which followed up with several shows in Sweden. In 2016 they toured with Moonspell on their […]

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INFRARED – Back to the Warehouse (EP Review)

Ottawa’s classic thrashers INFRARED issued their EP Back To The Warehouse on June 14, 2019. Comprised of older material, the EP comes ahead of the next full-length, planned for a 2020 release. The band states: “They are the last of the old songs that we felt should see the light of day. Our upcoming EP is […]

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DIRTY HONEY – Dirty Honey (EP Review)

Many times when I have a few albums to listen too and write reviews on, I’ll be honest, it’s the album cover or pictures that accompany it that make me choose which I listen to first. To be completely honest, the cover for Dirty Honey didn’t scream out “Listen To Me.” Unfortunately, it kinda got […]

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GENERATIONS ARMY – Voices and Visions (EP Review)

I discover new and “new to me” music from a variety of places. Festival attendance is one way through either the pre-fest listening prep or the surprise live set. Another is through recommendations of friends. So, when a friend asked me to look into a band called The Generations Army I thought, “what the hell?”. […]

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THE EROTICS – Stuck Between Venus and Mars (EP Review)

The Erotics – Stuck Between Venus and Mars is the new EP from the New York-based punk/glam/sleaze band. Dropping on August 24, 2018, via Cacophone Records, The Erotics deliver six songs on this slab of wax. Basically, I have never heard of The Erotics before. Until a Swedish friend started to chirp about them recently […]

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KILLER BEE – Tapes from the Attic (Album Review)

Killer Bee‘s new EP Tapes from the Attic is presumably just that. Five songs cultivated from some old cassette recordings found in Anders Ronnblom‘s attic. And all five are purely 80s sounding (although the band only began recording in the 90s). Hooks, catches and choruses abound, they were recorded during the band’s first go around. […]

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HELL’S GAZELLES – Take Your Medicine (EP Review)

When HELL’S GAZELLES – Take Your Medicine appeared in my promo downloads, I was instantly attracted to it. The album cover. The band name. They were simply intriguing and crying out for me to listen to it. On to the phone it went for sampling during the public transit commute to work. The EP played […]

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