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Age Of Fear – Storm Force (Album Review)

In early 2017, the mighty Judas Priest released the metal masterpiece “Firepower”. It immediately shot to the top of my top ten and remained there for the entire year. I have a strong feeling that “Age Of Fear” the new Storm Force album released January 25th on Escape Music is destined to achieve a similar […]

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STORM FORCE – Age of Fear (January 24, 2020)

New release from: Storm Force – Age of Fear January 24, 2020 Escape Music pleased to announce the signing of Canadian band Storm Force. Storm Force is the explosive new band that fans of classic hard melodic rock have all been waiting for. Led by Brighton Rock founder and fleet-fingered guitarist Greg Fraser and featuring […]

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CARL SENTENCE PERSIAN RISK – Who Am I?/Once a King (November 22, 2019)

New release from: Carl Sentence Persian Risk – Who Am I?/Once a King November 22, 2019 Carl Sentance was born 28th June 1961 in Loughborough Leicestershire, UK and started his first band Leading Star playing guitar and singing in 1977. After participating in several local bands, he replaced John Deverill as a vocalist in the […]

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STEFANO VIANA – A Quick Interaction (Print Interview)

Recently I had the opportunity to sit and have a quick, and small chat with the creative mind behind the AOR/Hard Rock band VIANA. I cannot say how thrilled I was to speak to Stefano Viana, even though it was just briefly.  He has been a gracious man in the time I’ve gotten to know […]

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LONERIDER – Attitude (Album Review)

Today, a day like many starts off with earphones, a steaming cup of the elixir of life for an early riser heading to work. It was time for this guy to relax before clocking in and check out the new album Attitude by Lonerider The Band The line-up alone was enough to peak this guy’s […]

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VIANA – Forever Free (Album Review)

Without a doubt, the sophomore album Forever Free by Italian guitarist Stephano Viana on Escape Music is a listening pleasure to this lover of Melodic Hard Rock. As soon as I put this on to give it a spin (old school way of saying pressing play on the listening device!) I was moving to the […]

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SALTY DOG – Lost Treasure (Album Review)

Sometimes albums and/or songs just stay with you. For almost 30 years even. That’s the case with a song called “Come Along” from a band called Salty Dog. Ever since I first heard the track, probably on the radio back in those days, it appealed to me. Once acquiring the Every Dog Has Its Day […]

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