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SWEDEN ROCK 2019 Coverage


CALL OF THE WILD Festival Coverage

CGCM Podcast EP#67-Riot Radio Vol. 4 (Wally)

Here we go again….it’s CGCM Podcast EP#67-Riot Radio Vol. 4! It’s Wallygator’s turn in the DJ seat. He is primed and ready to unleash a dozen songs for your dining and dancing pleasure. Please review our podcast at just like Cereal Man 78 who left quite possibly the best podcast review of all time! Hear […]

EXXOCET – Mighty Jungle (Album Review)

Let us be completely honest here. When you go looking for new music, it is the name, the logo, or maybe the picture on the front that grabs your attention right? Maybe sometimes it’s the name of the producer. Regardless of the reason, the newest release Mighty Jungle from Exxocet did that for me! Exxocet […]