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RON KEEL BAND “Girls Like Me” Video


HELIX “Coming Back With Bigger Guns”

SPREAD EAGLE – Subway To The Stars (Album Review)

Many times, listening to as much music as I do, a name from the past comes up. No, I am not rediscovering new music, (even though I do love doing that from time to time) but a name from the past comes back into the limelight, so to speak. A band reforms and decides to […]

RESTLESS SPIRITS – Restless Spirits (Album Review)

Restless Spirits is the new and amazing project that is lead by Tony Hernando from Lords Of Black. In this project, he leaves behind the metal for a more Hard Rock direction. With huge melodies, catchy hooks, and choruses accompanied by some really beyond stellar guitar riffs. The Album Restless Spirits has an unbelievable array […]

CRAZY LIXX – Forever Wild (Album Review)

Once again a band from Sweden and Frontiers Records brings forth an album that simply oozes rock and roll, attitude, sleaze and wild music all the way. Crazy Lixx brings you their latest and greatest, Forever Wild. This will be the sixth studio album from the band and each album they put out just keeps […]

WHITESNAKE – Flesh & Blood (Album Review)

There aren’t too many bands that can last 40 years these days, let alone still be releasing fresh and new material to there adoring fans.  Well the incomparable crooner David Coverdale and the boys who back him have done just that! The Album Flesh & Blood will be the 13th studio album from the band. […]

L.A. GUNS – The Devil You Know (Album Review)

Straight Outta Hell! I know I am probably the wrong person to be reviewing the brand new album L.A. Guns – The Devil You Know. Some might say I am too much of a fanboy to objectively review one of their albums. To those people I have two things to say; you’re absolutely right and […]

CALL OF THE WILD FESTIVAL Strikes Yet Again (News)

Just when you thought that the roster was complete, Call of the Wild Festival strikes again. The Call of the Wild Festival is a first time event taking place May 24-26, 2019 in Lincolnshire, UK. Featuring three full days and three stages jam packed with the acts from the big names like The Wildhearts and […]

THE END MACHINE – The End Machine (Album Review)

The term “supergroup” is tossed around a lot these days. Is it considered a supergroup when it’s basically a complete band with a singer being changed? The End Machine, fall smack dab into this category. The band is basically Dokken, without Don, and Robert Mason, from Warrant thrown in. Does that constitute being a supergroup? […]

FIND ME – Angels In Blue (Album Review)

One of the things I love about music is the anticipation of a new album from a band I love. Finally, the day arrives, and you get that new music in your hands. You rush home and await the sounds to awash over you. Bringing every hair on the back of your neck to a […]

WEST BOUND – Volume 1 (Album Review)

Chas West, known for Lynch Mob, Bonham, and Resurrection Kings, has returned with a whole new band to assault our eardrums. With him, he has brought well-known guitarist/producer Roy Z (Bruce Dickinson, Halford). They complete the lineup with Jason Cornwell on bass, Jimmy Burkard on guitar, Dave “Chilli” Moreno on drums. Stephen LeBlanc provides the […]

NO HOT ASHES – No Hot Ashes (Album Review)

Seeing the words “melodic hard rock” in the band description is a turn off these days for me. Sorry, but it’s true. I’m a little burnt out on the oversaturated genre. The syrupy flaccidity of much of the output fails to excite nor hold my attention. I find that the melodic hard rock genre, in […]