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RON KEEL BAND “Girls Like Me” Video


HELIX “Coming Back With Bigger Guns”

VOLTURE – On The Edge (Album Review)

Not too long ago CGCM Podcast regular listener and past podcast guest Jason Kearney posted on the CGCM Facebook page. Recently visiting a record shop near his home, Jason picked up a vinyl release from a band called VOLTURE. He posted photos of the cover in the CGCM Group Page and suggested that it was […]

HITTEN – Twist of Fate (Album Review)

Viva Espanola! I’m not familiar with the work of Spanish metallers Hitten prior to Twist of Fate. I understand they issued a couple of EPs and two full-length albums, (First Strike with the Devil and State of Shock). The latter long-player, the fruit of their partnership with High Roller Records. Not bad for a band […]

SAVAGE MASTER – Creature of the Flames/Toronto (EP & Concert Review)

SAVAGE MASTER – Creature of the Flames/Toronto (EP & Concert Review)

Galloping out of the fires of Hell (Louisville Kentucky), Savage Master charge upward, riding hard and fast. The full on leader of female fronted occult heavy metal. Their blend of NWOBHM tinged, speed-laden, thrash-influenced metal hits hard. Relatively new, Savage Master began life in 2013 and have risen quickly in establishing a name for themselves. With […]

MYTHRA – Still Burning (Album Review)

MYTHRA – Still Burning (Album Review)

Still Burning? Still a raging fireball is more like it! Underground NWOBHM cult act Mythra have offered up Still Burning for release April 28, 2017, on High Roller Records. I would venture to say that a lot of North Americans have not before heard the name Mythra. I was among this facet of the population until […]