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DVNE – Etemen Aenka (Album Review)

All Important Background Dvne are an Edinburgh-based band that formed back in 2013 and have one album previously to their name called Asheran which came out in 2017. The band write lyrics and stories it seems based around the work of the writer Frank Herbert and especially Dune from which it would appear they have taken […]

THE NUCLEAR POWER TRIO – A Clear And Present Rager (EP Review)

Some Background: The Nuclear Power Trio are 3 world leaders and possible despots who have decided to try and get peace by making music. The band comprise of Vladimir Putin (bass), Donald Trump (guitars) and Kim Jong-Un (drums). OK, we know, not really. It is of course 3 guys from various rock and or metal […]

ANGEL WITCH – Angel of Light (Album Review)

Influential Angel Witch have been credited with being an influential band in the New Wave of British Heavy Metal movement in the early 1980s. By that time they had been around for several years but fortunately, their eponymous debut did not emerge until 1980. It was the track “Baphomet” which first garnered attention. The UK […]