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CGCM Podcast EP#75-HRH Sleaze III Recap

The CGCM Podcast is proud to unveil a new recurring theme for their audio podcast episodes! Co-host Rich “The Meister” Dillon is widely known for his globe-trotting rock and roll adventures. Enter the Meister’s Travels series, which technically began some episodes back with our Call of the Wild, or Sweden Rock, even the Rocklahoma and […]

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StOp, sToP! – Get Selfied (Album Review)

Who wants to Party? You bring the booze, and I’ ll bring the music! Nothing better than some great Party Rock right? How about some new stuff? What do you mean Party Rock is gone? You my friends are VERY WRONG! Man, have I got something for you. Lewd, crude, loud and aggressive. Sounds like […]

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