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CGCM Radio (24/7 Internet Radio Station)


BEST OF 2019 – Psychoone

Welcome to the CGCM Podcast/Website. We are a group of music passionate folks from around the world. Although we began in Canada with only the podcast co-hosts, we now realize an entire team of staff from Canada, UK, USA and Sweden! Follow us at our website and/or social media for all our podcasts, album/concert reviews, […]

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ALCHEMY – Dyadic (Album Review)

When I was a wee lad, I knew that music was forever going to be a HUGE thing in my life. It’s on when I wake up, shower/bath, drive, and in waiting rooms via smartphones these days! I’m forever on the lookout for new and exciting bands to fire me up, and make me say […]

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JOHN GÄLT – Still Drinking (Album Review)

If you’re like me, you love the hard rocking sounds of the 80’s glam/hard rock scene. Some people say it’s done and over. I say to those, you’re not looking hard enough! I find new ear worms constantly. No, it may not be coming out of the Sunset Strip like it used to, but it’s […]

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