THE DIRTY DENIMS - Ready, Steady, Go! (July 03, 2020)

THE DIRTY DENIMS – Ready, Steady, Go! (art by Jan Meininghaus)

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New release from: THE DIRTY DENIMS – Ready, Steady, Go! (July 03, 2020)

The Dirty Denims are ready for the alcohol, love songs and Gremlins!

With their latest release Ready, Steady, Go! that will be out on July 3rd, 2020, The Dirty Denims bring a versatile album full of Hard Rock, Power Pop and Punk Rock. They are ready for the Gremlins, alcohol and love songs, but also are totally done with commercial radio, public transportation and H&M band shirts.

November 15th 2019 they’ve released part 1 (including 2 singles) of this album on cd and online streaming services. July 3rd the complete album will be out on cd, vinyl and online. Prior to this 3 singles will be released.

In opening track “Ready, Steady, Go!”, you hear how much they enjoyed recording the album in this new line-up (with Suzanne on drums and Marc on bass). “Turn Off The Radio” is about commercial radio stations’ noise pollution and in “Too Much Information” they take you on an annoying public transport trip.

“Creatures Of The Night” turns out to be a successful first single for the complete album, with some cool The Cult vibes. The lyrics describe the famous kitchen scene from the 80s movie The Gremlins. “Roll The Dice” is a way of singer Mirjam telling herself and the listeners to take more chances every now and then.

Photo by: Willem Wouterse

With “Messin’ Around” you hear soul and surf influences for the first time. The song amps up the feeling we have during the current crisis: it seems others handle their business well, but in the end we are all just messin’ around.

With The Ramones as leaders of the H&M band shirts, the Denims bring a nice punk-rocker about that phenomenon with “Band Not A Brand”. And with “Beautiful (My Darling)” the band finally serves that wanted love song, about a very special relation. Closing track is the “Hangover Version” from Last Call For Alcohol, which is their very first acoustic song on an album.

The Dirty Denims played on large festivals like Lowlands, Rockin’ Park, Zwarte Cross and Bospop and supported Slash, Whitesnake, Golden Earring, Extreme, Cheap Trick and Steel Panther. Their song “24-7-365” got them national airplay on the biggest radio station of The Netherlands 3FM. The song also was featured in 2 international Comedy Central campaigns.


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