“This is an album that your mother won’t be humming” Carl Canedy, drummer of legendary US metal act The Rods talks about the new album, Brotherhood Of Metal. Both the song and the album title tell us the musicians’ attitude towards life. More importantly, it’s pretty much the whole band’s philosophy. Almost eight years after the long-awaited return album, Vengeance, The Rods have returned with an album the band promise is “heavier than ever”.

A Brief History Of The Rods

Founded in the spring of 1980 David ‘Rock’ Feinstein, a cousin of the unforgotten Ronnie James Dio, and Steven Starmer soon to be replaced by Garry Bordonaro and once Carl Canedy joined, the bands sound was solidified. However, after six years and five albums later, The Rods decided to part ways in 1986 and disappeared from the scene for more than twenty years. In 2011 the band rose like a phoenix from the ashes with their outstanding comeback album Vengeance.

Now they are back again with Brotherhood Of Metal, which is scheduled for release on Steamhammer/SPV on June 7th.  The album will be available multiple formats such as Digipak CD, vinyl gatefold double LP, and of course digital download. The Rods masterminds Feinstein, Canedy, and bassist Garry Bordonaro have recorded eleven new songs.  A twelfth track will be included as a bonus track on the vinyl edition. In other words in exactly the same lineup that cut their 1982 cult release Wild Dogs.

The album proves that the bond between these three guys hasn’t changed since the beginning. Recorded at the Barn Castle and the Nire Studio, engineered by Lonnie Park, Carl Canedy, and Eric Chesek. The album also features spectacular cover artwork courtesy of Belgian artist Eric Philippe and brings a familiar feeling in the classic Metal Genre.

The Album

The Rods - Brotherhood of MetalThe title track “Brotherhood Of Metal” has brought forth an absolute classic metal anthem. “Party All Night Long” is probably one of the most unusual tracks of their career, and “1982” is a glimpse into the band’s own history. The new album is topped off with typical Rods styled tunes such as “Tyrant King” and “Tonight We Ride“.

It’s clear that the band has stayed true to its roots, and hasn’t strayed off the metal path they so clearly lead the march on, but it’s also very evident in the musicianship, and song writing that this is a much more mature, and growth album.

Psycho Thoughts

Again, if your into that “Classic Metal” sound, and love the genre and feel of the era, then you will want to get the lead out and plan to make a run to your local record shop and pick this one up.  June 7th, will be a day you’re taken aback with something new from the band that has been around quite awhile!



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  1. Brotherhood Of Metal
  2. Everybody’s Rockin’
  3. Smoke On The Horizon
  4. Louder Than Loud
  5. Tyrant King
  6. Party All Night
  7. Tonight We Ride
  8. 1982
  9. Hell On Earth
  10. The Devil Made Me Do It
  11. Evil In Me

Vinyl Bonus Track

12.  Crank It Up  (Vinyl Bonus Track)


  • David “Rock” Feinstein – Guitars & Vocals
  • Carl Canedy – Drums
  • Gary Bordonaro- Bass