THE WILD - Live From Quarantine (Virtual Concert Review)

THE WILD – Live From Quarantine

Live from Quarantine

In today’s world, everything has come to a screeching halt. From flights, travel, and everything else right down to be able to get toilet paper for you and your family! While COVID-19 has taken away the rights of the world to even get outdoors and walk the beach it has not taken away the right to rock…and rock HARD!

Yes, indeed, we cannot gather at concerts, and get that live tingle we all feel when the amps begin to fire up, and the lights dim those few seconds before our heroes hit the stage, but many bands have taken to live streaming shows on social platforms like Facebook and YouTube. Today alone I’ve seen two bands that I’d probably never have the chance to see because of various reasons, and I did so right from the comfort of my chair. A cold one in hand, (and a lot cheaper than stadium prices) I watched StOp sToP from Barcelona, and then The Wild from Kelowna, British Columbia.


Albeit a live stream and no audience, I’d have to say I was very skeptical about a streamed concert without a crowd. I just couldn’t see it being any fun for myself, or even the band playing, but after watching The Wild rip & tear it out for a non-existent crowd, I retracted my thoughts to anyone I talked to about it. These guys had it all, the lights, the feel, and most importantly, the energy.

THE WILD - Live From Quarantine (Virtual Concert Review)

THE WILD – Live From Quarantine: The Prep work For the Virtual Concert

If they could do this at SW Production Warehouse in Kelowna, BC, then I can just imagine the show, they do when they are feeding off the energy of a crowd! The Wild consists of, Dylan Villain on lead and vocals, “The Kid” on guitar, Lucas “Boozus” on bass and vocals, and lastly Crash Anderson on drums. They also have three full-length albums out, spanning from 2015 to the latest release that just hit the shelves titled Still Believe In Rock and Roll. The Wild – Still Believe in Rock and Roll (Album Review).

I should also mention that The Wild was not just doing this to rock. They recognize the chaos, and trouble this great planet is having, and this live performance was to raise funds for Food Banks Canada. I’ll provide the links below to the show, AND the cause if you wish to donate to a great cause.

 The Show

I came across the link on my Facebook feed since following them after hearing their latest, and decided, what else do I have to do, let’s check it out. The live feed started as a live show, but instead of a curtain the screen said, “The show will begin shortly”. In the chat area, people were giving thumbs-up, and loves, just like a live audience. The screen vanished and the empty stage was shown with lights, and the Likes went through the roof. I could hear the crowds roar virtually through all those likes. I got a small chill up my back, then the band appeared and those first notes where hit. Already over 1000 people were tuned in and gearing up to rock.

THE WILD - Live From Quarantine (Virtual Concert Review)The sound of a bike roared to life, and as it revved the rock and roll vibe hit the viewers across the Social Media world, and the guys broke out into a track from the new album, “High Speed”. Most of the show featured a lot of the new album, but that’s great, it translates well live into a kick-ass show.

Next, we kicked into a fan favourite album, “Roadhouse” from Gxdxwxb. By this point, I had to turn off the comments and fan feedback because they were flying in so fast and the likes and hearts were distracting. “Best In The West” from the sophomore was next, and the band began to get their groove going. Moving around on stage (but still using Social Distancing standards!) and getting into the moment.

Still Believing In Rock & Roll

As Dylan Villain kept addressing the viewers, he had to keep correcting himself throughout the show that this was worldwide. It was quite funny seeing the realization come across his face. Back into the tunes, the gang began to bang out track after track from their new phenom album Still Believe in Rock and Roll.  With new hits like “King of This Town”, and “Nothing Good Comes Easy” the guys were very easily seen to be having a blast! The bassline from Boozus in the later tune popped and grooved into a life of its own. “Playing with Fire”, and “Going to Hell”, also from the newest album got the virtual crowd fired up, and the fans were fired up, and wanting more!

Kicking Virtual Ass

THE WILD – Sweden Rock 2019 – Shawn Irwin

“Going to Hell”, and “Bad News” ended the new tracks but didn’t end the show by any means. Also talking about the show, as this was an online stream, one might expect someone to be holding an iPhone or similar device while filming. Not here! This was a multi-cam and produced video! This was the DVD quality of a live show sans the crowd. Lights, action, and sweat were all featured, and the crew that helped assemble this needs a tip of the hat.

The show, however, was winding down, and “Ready to Roll” from the Wild At Heart album was a sure way to keep the band and the fans watching on the edge of their desk chairs, couch, or however they watched. It was enough to probably raise some people in their homes with fists in the air. “Party ‘Til Your Dead” came last, and The Wild boys had some choreography to bust out, and then the goodnights, and stay safes were belted out, and the virtual lights came on.


Once again, I was one of those skeptics about live “streaming” shows. I want to retract that statement. We, the fans of Rock, and any other genre of music available are having almost withdrawal symptoms not being able to see your favourite artists. This is just yet another method of delivery, and again, if this can be a way to get the money for the artists TO the artists, without a hungry, money-grubbing executive, promoter, or crooked manager having a hand in the artist’s pocket, then maybe this is possible a future for the music industry. Whatever out the outcome, this global pandemic is reshaping our world and everything in it. I’m just still beyond thrilled to be able to rock and roll, and I’ve got The Wild to thank for that!

Rock on, and no matter where you are in this beautiful world, stay safe, and raise the Horns for ROCK!!

THE WILD – Sweden Rock 2019 – Shawn Irwin

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THE WILD – Sweden Rock 2019 – Shawn Irwin

Band –

  • Dylan Villian – Lead Guitars & Vocals
  • The Kid – Rhythm Guitar
  • Lucas Boozus – Bass & Vocals
  • Crash Anderson – Drums

Setlist –

  1. Highspeed
  2. Roadhouse
  3. Best In The West
  4. King Of This Town
  5. Nothing Good Comes Easy
  6. Playing With Fire
  7. Going To Hell
  8. Bad News
  9. Ready To Roll
  10. Party ‘Til Your Dead