THE WILD! in TorontoCGCM is proud to present The Wild in Toronto. On Friday, November 15, 2019, Canada’s most notorious Hard Rock band rolled into Toronto for a sold-out show at The Bovine Sex Club. CGCM Members, Rich “The Meister” Dillon and Shawn “Animalize” Irwin were on hand for the experience. Here we deliver a whole compliment of content from the event. A blog concert review, a photo gallery and a short podcast interview with frontman Dylan Villain. Enjoy!

Canada’s THE WILD! truly are a force to reckon with. They’ve grown a lot in popularity and recognition with good reason, but there’s still so very many not in the know. The band, based out of Kelowna, B.C. launched in 2012. Releasing their first video in 2014 for the song “Roadhouse” brought them airplay on Canadian rock radio. That video going viral brought tours with the likes of Korn, Rise Against, Monster Truck, The Glorious Sons and One Bad Son. So much was the hype and The Wild!‘s reputation precede them did eOne Music Canada sign them to a deal. Without ever even seeing them play live yet! Not too bad for an independent band!

Musically the band is a melting pot of Hard Rock, Southern Rock, Punk, and Blues ground up and spit out with a flamin’ “take no shit” attitude. It’s brash and in your face, making you want a shower after listening! The debut 7-song EP, GxDxWxB, which stands for God Damn Wild Boys arrived in 2015. Produced by none other than Mike Fraser (AC/DC, Aerosmith, Jimmy Page, Van Halen). Two years later, 2017 brought us the 10-tracker Wild at Heart with Mike Fraser again at the helm. Ladies and gentlemen…I present The Wild! in Toronto.

THE WILD in Toronto (Interview)

THE WILD in Toronto (Concert Review)

After a couple of stage setters with One in The Chamber and Fortunate Losers, THE WILD! hit the Bovine stage with force. Opening with my absolute favourite THE WILD! song and the gateway drug into the band, “Roadhouse”, the Goddamn Wild Boys led the sold-out Bovine on a roller coaster ride that put the rebel back in Rock and Roll. The setlist couldn’t have been better, the crowd with the band from start to finish and THE WILD! doing what they do. Overall one of the best rock shows this writer has seen in quite some time! Dylan Villain for Prime Minister of Canada!

There was crowd surfing by song #3 (which I already forgot what song it was in all the excitement).

By song five Dylan was chugging beer and crushing the can against his head. At the end of the seventh selection, the new single “Playing with Fire”, some guy with a camera jumped into the stage and tried to motion the band together to snap a pic with the crowd as the background. Looking mildly annoyed, Dylan simply waved “no” at the guy and waved him off the stage. No idea what went through that guy’s head that he was welcome on stage mid-set. Loser!

Into the Home Stretch

After a cover of Nazareth‘s “Razamanaz” (“for the old rock and rollers”), more crowd surfing. This time at Dylan‘s request we carried him back to the bar for a Jager shot. No sooner did his feet retouch the stage floor did he say “…and now all three of us”. Dylan, Benny “The Kid” and Boozus all surfed their way to the bar for shots! You can see all three in my crappy cell phone pic. There was a laugh after as Dylan told Boozus he was proud of him. Apparently Boozus had never surfed before and admitted that he was worried the entire time!

If you look closely, you can see all 3 crowd surfing to the bar

A big shout out to “all the bands that helped us get our shit together and Toronto’s Diemonds really helped us in the beginning when we didn’t know what we were doing.” Took us to “Ready to Roll”. Then we had what would serve as the encore. As Dylan said, “Pretty sure we are over time but, fuck it. It’s Indie Week, we are THE WILD!, we do what we want.” A cool cover of Beastie Boys “Fight for Your Right (to Party)” and “Party till you’re Dead” wrapped up. Fantastic!

Also in the set were “Best in the West”, “Helluva Ride”, “Six Hundred Sixty Six”, “Straight to Hell”, “Slow Burn”, and a couple more (that apparently I didn’t write down 🙄).

THE WILD in Toronto (Photo Gallery)

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