Trevor's Top 5 EPs of 2019No one can escape the fact that due to the volatile music industry that many bands are only releasing EPs and singles now. As with the greatest album of “Top Whatever” lists those EPs, live albums and compilation albums are usually exempt from those lists.

I can understand that live and compilation albums are because they usually have music from the band’s earlier releases and don’t just contain music from the last year.  My list was no exception.

However, I feel so strongly about some of these EPs that I personally have decided to make a separate list, or as I call it an “appendix”. So here it is, my personal list of my top 5 EPs that came out in the 2019 release year.

Trevor’s Top 5 EPs of 2019


#5 – Animal Drive – Back To The Roots EP

A four-track EP of some classic hits covered by a very talented band. Covering bands like WARRANT, Skid Row, and Whitesnake.  The most surprising was the cover of Roxette’s “The Look”. It seems that many Hard Rock bands these days are covering a lot of those ’80s pop hits but with an amazing response! I’d hazard a guess that many of us old school metalheads had a liking of many of the ’80s hits.



#4 – Perfect Plan – Jukebox Heroes

The AOR band Perfect Plan were working on their second album for their fans and decided to release released a digital-only covers EP, Jukebox Heroes featuring covers of songs by Foreigner, Giant, Survivor & The Storm (an American supergroup featuring then former Journey members: Gregg Rolie, Steve Smith, Ross Valory plus guitarist Josh Ramos & singer Kevin Chalfant). An easy listen and a great hold over while the PP fans await the new album that is supposed to be coming in 2020.



#3 – W.A.L.K.E.R – Bringing Back Rock

Trevors Top 5 EPs of 2019A band that has only so far released this EP in 2019, and in my opinion has an incredible future in music if this is any indication of what this band can do.  Produced by Michael Wagener and signed to a worldwide publishing deal with Evolving Music Company, and featured on the latest Hollywood Hairspray Vol 8 from Perris Records. If you are looking for something completely new, and still want your ass kicked, I’d highly suggest this EP.



#2 – Hell’s Addiction – Vol. 1.0

Trevors Top 5 EPs of 2019A band that again I’ve never encountered until I started writing for the CGCM Podcast. I don’t know what I was thinking, but I’m glad I discovered them no matter which way. As I described in my original review this group is like a bastard child of Skid Row, G’n’R and AC/DC. This EP is a fist-pounding, in your face experience, and I personally cannot wait until 2020 where I hear that the band might be readying a new album to assault our ears yet again!


CGCM EP Review: Hell’s Addiction – V1.0 by Trevor “Psychoone” Mcdougall


Finally The Coveted #1 goes to…

Again, it’s time for my number one. I couldn’t think of a more deserving #1 EP to top my list. This band has had me singing their praises since I was first introduced to them by our own RichThe MeisterDillon, and I personally couldn’t thank him enough. I noticed that even he had it as his #1 on his top EPs of 2019, but let’s all “Sweat” and check out…

#1 – Kickin’ Valentina – Chaos In Copenhagen

Trevors Top 5 EPs of 2019This four-track EP is the EXACT sound I want in my music! It’s exciting, titillating, and rocks your ass off. I very quickly dived into and quickly acquired all of KV’s back catalogue, and I can honestly say it’s all worth every cent, and second given to the band. I can only hope these guys get to Canada (Toronto area to be more specific) and rock our Canadian asses! So come on boys, let’s create some “Chaos in Canada” and remind everyone that Rock is NOT dead, and very much alive and well!


CGCM EP Review: Kickin Valentina – Chaos in Copenhagen by Trevor “Psychoone” Mcdougall