BEST OF 2019 – Coxy

BEST OF 2019 – Coxy

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BEST OF 2019 – Adam “Coxy” Cox (Writer) 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿

Like water running through your hands, time for 2019 has disappeared and there is only a fraction left to drink.  However, this may be the sweetest drink of the year, as so many great albums have been released into the world.  2019 has been a monster for music and I have truly enjoyed listening to a wide range of artists that have made life so much more pleasurable.

#10 – RAISED FIST – Anthems 🇸🇪

A raging bag of ballsy vipers, for sure.  This Swedish rap/hardcore collective gave me endless injections of adrenaline and ensured that my commute was quicker than usual. The sound is crystal clear and the drumming is outstanding. A standard favourite of the boys is social commentary, but this just adds to my love for all things Fist!


CGCM Album Review: Raised Fist – Anthems by Adam “Coxy” Cox


#9 – SHUMAUN – One Day Closer To Yesterday 🇺🇸

Shumaun are one of the first bands I wrote about for Decibel Geek and a band who have evolved over time into one of the best new prog metal outfits in the world. This album may not be as memorable as their debut, but it refines their view and sharpens their melodies. Wonderful, thoughtful music for a world that would be poorer without them.

Review of One Day Closer To Yesterday can be found at Decibel Geek here.



#8 – ART NATION – Transition 🇸🇪

The second of six(!) Swedish bands in my top ten, Art Nation are a band with huge potential. Their last album, Liberation, was a top toe-tapper of massive music. This is more of a grower, but with a harder edge. Perfectly suited to their uptempo beats and melodic metal.


CGCM Album Review: Art Nation – Transition by Adam “Coxy” Cox


#7 – SATAN TAKES A HOLIDAY – A New Sensation 🇸🇪

These pop punksters have a mad ear for melodies and are very similar in style to fellow Swedes Raised Fist. They also have a smattering of Muse and this release is top-notch. What’s not to like? It even makes you wanna dance too!

Review of A New Sensation at Decibel Geek can be found here.



#6 – X-ROMANCE – Voices from the Past 🇸🇪

Pure nostalgia from Sweden’s newest AOR superstars.  This record is driving music from start to finish and is a superb party soundtrack!  The Swedish guys kick butt and make you wish it were the Eighties still.  A great album with “Lonely” being its standout track.

Review of X-Romance at Decibel Geek can be found here.



#5 – THE GLORIOUS SONS – A War on Everything 🇺🇸

A late entry on my list, but one that has made me very happy.  The Glorious Sons are a US band who have a few albums under their belt.  The lyrical content sets this band apart from the herd.  Storytelling of the highest order to put to a great hard rock soundtrack.



#4 – Myrath – Shehili 🇹🇳

Tunisian rockers released this album to universal acclaim, with big single “Dance” giving a huge boost to its love.  This band were new to me, but this was on heavy rotation in the Coxy household.  It seamlessly blends Middle Eastern flavours with wonderful hooky rock.

Review of Sheheli at Decibel Geek can be found here.



#3 – ECLIPSE – Paradigm 🇸🇪

Swedish band Eclipse scorched many ears with its previous album, but this one touched my heart and soul in 2019.  The songs are fantastic, built on huge great melodies.  “United” is the song of 2019.  Buy, beg or borrow it!


CGCM Album Review: Eclipse – Paradigm by Trevor “Psychoone” McDougall


#2 – SONATA ARCTICA – Talviyö 🇫🇮

My favourite Power Metal band of all time, Sonata Arctica are from Finland and should be played by any fan of the genre in the world. They are supreme songwriters and deserve global stardom.  However, some fans have been critical of the album, but when you have bangers such as “Demon’s Cage” all criticism is irrelevant!



#1 – DIAMOND HEAD – The Coffin Train 🇬🇧

Never in a million years would I have thought that Diamond Head would hit #1 in my best albums, as I really didn’t rate them when Sean Harris sang.  New singer and new album that absolutely blasts.  I may have to go back and re-examine my relationship to NWOBHM bands.  Genius.




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