BEST OF 2019 - Sparky

Best of 2019 – Sparky

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BEST OF 2019 – Sparky (Writer) 🇬🇧

Contrary to popular belief rock and metal have never been in ruder health. The number of bands, old and new, is huge and their accessibility has reached realms never seen before. What has changed is the inability of most to actually make a living out of it. This is where we all come in. We need to support as many bands as we can, either through album purchases, attending gigs or ideally both. We know that the Meister has done his utmost and has probably spent enough on music to match the GDP of a small South American country. If we can do just 10% of this then our greatest love will go from strength to strength. Anyway, sermon over, here’s my BEST OF 2019 – Sparky.

 #10 – ANGEL – Risen 🇺🇸

Angel - Risen

The rollercoaster that is Angel‘s career is once again back on the rails. For me, whilst not quite hitting the massive highs of Punky Meadows‘ solo effort of 2016 Risen still makes my Top 10 with killer tracks such as “Shot of Your Love”“Over My Head” and “Don’t Want you To Go”.


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CGCM Album Review: Angel – Risen by Trevor “Psychoone” McDougall


#09 PHIL LANZON – 48 Seconds 🇬🇧

Phil Lanzon - 48 Seconds

Uriah Heep keyboardist returned with his second solo album and has produced a melodic rock winner. Heavily keyboard-driven (duh, obvs) this is as good as the genre gets, whilst still squeezing in folk elements (“Road to London”) and the occasional big band sound (“Forty Line”)


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#08 KRYPTOS – Afterburner 🇮🇳

Riff after wonderful riff underpin this masterclass in 1980s metal, with a hefty nod to thrash.

The guys from India have certainly delivered the goods.


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#07 PRISTINE – Road Back to Ruin 🇳🇴

Heidi Solheim‘s vocals are the highlight of this album, bringing power and emotion in equal measure. There is variety in abundance too as Road Back to Ruin does not stand still for a minute.


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#06 ROYAL REPUBLIC – Club Majesty 🇸🇪

Swearing, funk, disco, rock, metal, this has got it all.

A joyous unfettered ride free from all restrictions.


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#05 Mustasch – Killing It For Life 🇸🇪

Mustasch - Killing It For Life

These Swedish rockers are on form on this hard-as-nails  10th album.

Note the #whatiswrong campaign too regarding men’s mental health.


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CGCM Album Review: Mustasch – Killing It For Life by “Sparky”


#04 Axe Crazy – Hexbreaker 🇵🇱

Reviewed here this is a fine example of the New Wave of Traditional Heavy Metal.

Power, pace a melody dominate this sophomore full-length effort from the Polish outfit.


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CGCM Album Review: Axe Crazy – Hexbreaker by “Sparky”


#03 Blackmayne – Spat From Hell 🇬🇧

Blackmayne - BEST OF 2019 - Sparky (Best of 2019)

Rejuvenated NWOBHM proponents slay everything before them on this fantastic piece of work. This a fine example of how to create a well balanced, powerful and pacey album.


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#02 Sacrilege – The Court of the Insane 🇬🇧

Sacrilege - BEST OF 2019 - Sparky (Best of 2019)

NWOBHM but not as we know it. This has a doomier outlook and is all the better for it. Top class musicianship is weaved into the fabric of this album which is an utter joy.


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#01 Savage Master – Myth, Magic and Steel 🇺🇸

Savage Master - BEST OF 2019 - Sparky (Best of 2019)

The vocals of scream queen Stacey Savage take this album to new heights. Yes, it might be cheesy and cliched, but who cares? It’s fucking great. Read the full review here


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CGCM Album Review: Savage Master – Myth, Magic and Steel by “Sparky”




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(Best of 2019 – Sparky)