Self-described as a four-piece band from London, UK that plays Hi Octane punk with a coating of Glam pretty much sums up Bexatron.  Being one of London’s most exciting new talents, the band has been creating a buzz all across the United Kingdom!

Having been recognized for their high energy shows, and showing their influences from Blondie to many of the 80’s punk bands you will discover some tunes that are fresh, and definitely unique to the Bexatron sound. This has brought them to the attention of many festivals, and they have answered the call! Touring extensively for over two years they always leave the fans wanting more.

About Bexatron

Now they have unleashed their furious debut album upon the worldwide masses. Hey You is packed full of punk rock sound from the streets of UK, but also has a smattering of Hard Rock/Glam mixed throughout. The singer, BeXXX is a beautiful, platinum blonde lady with a Debbie Harry look and a Billy Idol snarl. Combine that with the guitar work of Greg Paco Radcliffe, Adam Adorjan on bass, and Belle Star on the drums, and you have the magic of Bexatron.

About The Album

The album starts off with a real kick in the ass tune called “Get Out Of My Tree“. Yup, strange song title, but once you hear it you won’t even care! “Dirty Disco” is the first single from the album, and with just cause.  Infectious music and hooks it even has an old saloon piano sound in the mix. Absolutely stellar! Fist pounding rock and chorus, this song would definitely fire up any crowd! All throughout the album, the band simply rocks. The energy flows out of your speakers and cannot help itself to kick you in the ass to get up off your seat and move.

Psycho Thoughts

If you like the old punk feel and also are a fan of the hard rock of the 80’s then you will most want to give your ears a real treat, open a bottle of stout, get some chips, give Hey You a good spin, and let the music speak for itself!

Rock On!



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  1. Get Out Of My Tree
  2. Dirty Disco
  3. CoCo
  4. New York Doll
  5. Subway Freeks
  6. Mandy Meltdown
  7. Take Me Back To Jo Jo’s
  8. Trash
  9. Love And Distortion
  10. Hex Your Ex