Bloodstock Open Air

Bloodstock which is happening (I think it really is…) in August at its usual haunt of Catton Park Derbyshire continues to add bands, on this occasion all for the Jägermeister stage.

Looking through the bands there is quite a bit of variety. The festival isn’t scared to give space to bands that play prog rock or ones that do grindcore! The bands are over Friday to Sunday. I will give a little info on each band as always. Feel free to note any that particularly interest you as a reader.

Friday additions

Wall: an instrumental band featuring twins Ryan and Elliot Cole from both Desert Storm and The Grand Mal. The Oxford band formed during lockdown as something to do whilst they were furloughed from their jobs as chefs. They call what they do as instrumental sludge. It is slow, doomy, heavy and fuzzy!

Black Emerald: a trio from Reading who play a mix of classic rock, blues and stoner. They formed 2002 but the band as they now are came together 10 years later. They have two singles, three EPs and a 2018 album called Hell Can’t Handle All Of Us out.

Ale Of Adam: a two-piece who are “slap bass” and drum. From the track I heard they also are a bit prog as well. Bob Taylor is bass and vocals whilst Scott James is responsible for drums and samples. They play around with different sound effects and multiple amps to get their sound.

Godless Suns: a doom, stoner band with southern rock tendencies. They are riff-heavy and anyone who likes Clutch, Kyuss, COC as well as Sabbath should enjoy what they do. They are working on an album just now.

Haxan: Modern classic rock from South Wales and the South West this female 3-piece say their influences are Sabbath but also Suzi Quatro (my first ever teen crush… yes I am getting on a bit) and The Darkness. Their debut album came out July last year and the single “Skeletons” was Classic Rock‘s single of the week.

Onto Saturday

Friday Headliner Devin Townsend Wants To See YOU!

Friday Headliner Devin Townsend Wants To See YOU!

Zookeeper: 3 piece alternative band that are a mix of metalcore riffs and emotional lyrical content. Formed in 2018 the band have already created interest with their debut single “The Rain” causing Metal Hammer to say “Zookeeper by name, animals by nature.”

The New Sun: is a solo project from Garganjua‘s Scott Taylor (the band themselves are also playing Bloodstock on Friday on the Sophie stage). He started writing during lockdown and has written two albums. One being post metal and the other doom as well as an acoustic EP. He says this project is just seeing where he goes as the mood fits.

Lowen: a two piece London outfit comprised of vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Nina Saeidi who is a second generation refugee who’s family were forced from Iran, and guitarist Shem Lucas. The two met at an Akercocke gig, found common interest in music and are doing a mix of sci fi based meets ancient world lyrics with music that is Middle Eastern mixed with progressive doom.

Mountain Caller: A London 3-piece who are instrumental and play heavy prog metal. They describe what they do as “painting images with music” and released a concept album called Chronicle 1: The Truth Seeker which on listening has some atmospheric stuff going on between the riffs and time signature changes.

Primitai: Now those who have been paying attention to these news items might be thinking “haven’t they already been announced for Bloodstock?”. Well yes. They are doing a full electric show in the Sophie tent on the Friday but this is going to be a nice intimate Bloodstock acoustic gig.

Finally Sunday on the Jager

Priest: Sunday Bloodstock Headliners. Photo by Amplified Gig Photography

Priest: Sunday Headliners. Photo by Amplified Gig Photography

The Howling Tides: a bluesy hard rock band that formed in 2018 who also have a self titled EP out. The band have garnered some great live reviews even from members of other bands including Damon Johnson ex of Black Star Riders and Oli from Raveneye.

Trilobite: 3-piece prog band from Exeter. Originally two of the original members were looking for a guitarist at an open night for their funk band. When they found someone they liked they wrote longer more conceptual pieces. So much so that their self titled album is a whole concept!

Boycott The Baptist: are a 2-piece grindcore and punk band from Carlisle. They formed 2013 and have managed over 250 gigs since then. Folks that are fans of Pig Destroyer, Eyehategod and Black Flag should thoroughly enjoy what they do.

Gemma Fox: The singer from Collibus will be joined by guitarist Stephen Platt to do an acoustic set, not only a best of the band, but some new songs written during lockdown. Gemma says she spent the year writing and focussing on songs so has quite a number written for the next album. The band themselves come highly rated having been namechecked by Brian May of Queen.

Full Bloodstock List

Devin Townsend (Friday headliner) and Judas Priest (Sunday headliner) along with SkindredThe WildheartsCradle Of Filth, TherapyNapalm Death, Paradise Lost, Bury Tomorrow, Raging SpeedhornBleed From Within, Diamond Head, Jinjer, Vio-lence, Saxon, Gloryhammer, Dark TranquillityPhil Campbell And The Bastard Sons.

Evil ScarecrowOnslaught, Memoriam, Ramage Inc. Green Lung, Conjurer, Orange Goblin, The Night Flight Orchestra, Unleash The Archers, Sylosis, Hacktivist, Winterfylleth, The Crawling, Raised By Owls, AnakimColpocleisisBroken JawHanowar, Devilfire, Venom.

PrisonBorstal, Acid ReignBeholder, Svalbard, Soen, Dog Tired, Bailer, Blasphemer, King CreatureGrey StagGhosts Of AtlantisStrangle WireFrozen In ShadowsDeitusSouth Of SalemMaster ChargerBad Earth. FellowshipThis Is Endless, King CorpseShackledTortured Demon, Hybridize, Halveksia, Odysseus, Solcura, Riptide, Casket Feeder, Son Of Boar, Words That Burn, Sorceress Of Sin, Wired, The Injested, Primitai.

Black Tongue, Liberty Lies, Pist, Terra IV, Internal Conflict, Thunderous Jones, Ashen Crown, Ward XVI. Slave Steel, The Best Medicine, Godeater. Luna’s Call, Urne, Forlorn World, Pemphigoid, As The World Dies, Battle Born, Kurokuma, Ghosts Of Men, Milliner, Axiom, Seething Akira, King Witch, Sharks In Your Mouth, Mother Vulture,  Famyne, and Party Cannon.

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