BRIAN ISLAND - Brian Island (April 30, 2021)


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New release from: BRIAN ISLAND – Brian Island (April 30, 2021)

BRIAN ISLAND (real name Brian Cowieson) is a Canadian bass player and vocalist. The man has played with many local acts, written songs for other artists and scores for movies & TV shows.
He was part of the cult cancon AOR band Prototype which released a very good album back in ’83.

For his one and only solo album, Brian required the services of his old partner in Prototype, guitarist & producer Dan Lowe. Lowe, inventor of an enhancement method for stereo recording (named Q-Sound), also contributed on guitars and songwriting. This recording sounds a million bucks indeed, with excellent instrument separation and crisp edge.

Island‘s style is Hi-Tech AOR with high doses of adult pop. A playground where the likes of Ian Thomas or Stan Meissner hang out. All the songs on this disc are catchy and highly enjoyable, featuring strong bass lines, very very good guitars and cool keyboards.

If you are a fan of high-quality Hi-Tech, perfect recording techniques and compact, glossy sounds, don’t miss Brian Island. Initially only released in Canada and extremely rare these days. Limited edition of 500 copies incl. 1 bonus track and liner notes by Dave Reynolds.

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