Time to go around the world! Well, not exactly. In fact, we can’t really go anywhere as we continue to deal with the various lock downs of the global pandemic. Ain’t no Covid going to stop the Canadian Geeks from delivering another episode. It’s been a while since they went to China. Next up? The United States Of America.

Land of the free, home of the brave. The land of milk and honey and the home of the American dream. It’s time to turn the spotlight on the music from the good old U.S. of A!


Around the World in 80 Episodes – USA Part 1


Since there is simply an insane amount of hard rock and heavy metal music, the boys decided to crisscross the US somewhat methodically. They split the States in half alphabetically. The Meister had to choose 6 bands from the first half. He had to choose between Alabama and Missouri.

Wallygator had to select his 6 from the last half. Montana to Wyoming. This way they could represent more States and no fear of duplicating bands. So grab a frosty cold one, (You don’t mind if we pass on the inferior American beer?) and enjoy a trip across America. Next episode, they will switch sides and literally crisscross the country.

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