BattleshipB – 27! You sank my Battleship! The Canadian Geeks never cease to come up with weird and stupid ways to shoehorn songs into the podcast.

This is actually one of the fun ones. In a play on the Milton Bradley board game, Wallygator attempts to sink the Meister’s battleships. Instead of the game board he is selecting co-ordinates from the Meister’s library of over 8000 albums.

With that many albums it is sort of like finding a needle in a haystack but that’s ok. It’s not really about the ships, it’s about the songs he randomly uncovers. Every attempt randomly identifies an album and then a song is played from it. You never know what might be uncovered.

Battleship Round 3!


As we continue to live through the year of the Covid, we could all use a little musical distraction. With battleship you might get some classic metal, thrash or sleaze. On the other hand, you might get Abba, disco or even Christmas music! One thing is for sure it won’t be boring as the Geeks return to actually record in the same studio! It’s ok as they now have CGCM Radio masks so it’s socially distanced podcasting at it’s finest!

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