Welsh vocal powerhouse Chez Kane has struck out on her own for the first time with her self-titled debut album.
Having made her name belting out tunes with her sisters in their band Kane’d she jumped at the chance to work with Crazy Lixx main man Danny Rexon. Chez first came to Rexon’s attention when he heard her versions of 80s rock classics.
The pair began work before the pandemic became a thing but then the shit hit the fan and they were stymied. They battled on though and while Chez recorded her parts in Wales, Danny did the rest from Sweden. All the tracks are written and arranged by Rexon but Kane was often asked if she wanted to change anything. But as she told iconvsicon.com “To be perfectly honest with you, everything Danny sent me was perfect. I was like “I’m not touching that song, it’s perfect””.
As the pair connected via 80’s rock classics then the album is very much in the same vein.
There are big, big tunes here, and with Chez Kane’s big, big voice, we have a real treat on our hands.


If you like your rock powerful, melodic and with big hair then you’ll love this. Inspired by acts such as Lita Ford, Lee Aaron, Heart and Vixen the album is a return to the glory days of the mid to late 1980s.
The opening track “Better Than Love” has plenty of strong keyboard action going on which was never far away in the 80s. The axe is also replaced by the sax for the solo. Lots of 80s boxes ticked there.


The best instrument by far on Chez Kane however, is Chez’s voice. It is truly outstanding with great power, intensity and direction. She certainly didn’t leave anything in the locker room here.
It is an album chock full of AOR radio-friendly offerings, and I can’t hear anybody complaining.
There’s even a nod towards that with “Rocket on the Radio” and the refrain “We’re heading for number one!”


If you like 80s melodic, powerful rock then this will be right up your boulevard. The album is out now on Frontiers Records and with great tracks such as “All Of It” and “Midnight Rendezvous” it will be spinning on your deck for a long time.

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