Knock Out Kaine - Living Breathing MonsterThe Breath of The Monster

Time for that Knockout. No not a one-two to the face, but the band Knock Out Kaine. Since forming way back in 2005 in Lincoln, U.K., the guys haven’t put out a lot of albums, but what they have released is solid, and worth a go around however you consume your music!

With Living Breathing Monster just hitting the masses, it marks the first full-length album from the Knock Out Kaine gang since 2015’s Rise of The Electric Jester. Back in 2016 the guys also release a four-track E.P. named Cruel Britannia. The guys have been playing but have mostly been silent since then with anything new…until now.

Let’s get Ready to Rumble!

Living Breathing Monster is seemingly the accumulation of that time in rocker limbo, and like a beast it has once again reared its head breathing that hard rock sound that Knock Out Kaine is known for. With plenty of hooks, good solid beats, and harmonic vocals that you can chant along with, you would be hard-pressed to find a song on this album that you aren’t head bobbing along with.

The album kicks off with “Nothing Ever Changes”, and a more apt title couldn’t be true. This track fits the KOK sound that their fans know from Dean Foxx, and the rest of the gang. With a great guitar intro from Jimmy Bohemian and then a steady beat from Lee Byrne, and Danny Krash, the sound is uniquely theirs, and you’re immediately toe-tapping along.

The title track “Living Breathing Monster” is an absolutely kick-ass track with a solid beat, and plenty of awesome riffs to hook you on and reel you into the belly of the monster. Superbly played and fun lyrics that come at you like a Tommy gun blowing its load all over.

Knock Out Kaine - Living Breathing MonsterMine All Mine” has a bluesy swagger to it that this listener loves. Dean sings this with an attitude and a feeling that he is waving that middle finger high in the air. The song has a great feel to it, and it could honestly be my personal favourite on the entire album. Great tune!

Light the Flames

A quarter of the way in, and we get “Burn The Witch”. With the sounds of the Salem witch trials, we are quickly into a guitar/drum intro that will grab you immediately. Crunchy guitars, clever story-telling lyrics and solid playing make this another tune that I dare you not to be tapping along with your air drums or air guitar.

With “Into The Fire” the sound takes a bit of a turn here. Nothing new to KOK fans to hear something a little different, but here we get a Gaelic tune. Nothing more and nothing less. Yes, it’s still a solid drum beat from Danny, and some guitars pushed to the background (until the solo) but it’s a complete left-hand turn compared to the previous songs. Nonetheless, the track is still surprisingly fun to listen too.

Personal Hell

Nudging past the midpoint of Living Breathing Monster, we are now entering “Personal Hell”. The sixth track on the album and we are back to the wedding…Wait, what?  Yup, that is how the track starts off.  I guess we know what the title means now, don’t we. Still not quite a fist-pounding tune, this is seemingly more a “bubbly” type pop styled tune. I wonder if the personal hell is the wedding or the pop-ish sound?

She’s Kinda Like” starts to bring back the rock sound into the album. More guitar, bass and drums, this is what I personally want to hear. I’ll admit that I found the previous tunes kind of fun, but I’d much rather the album have a more cohesive sound like what this tune brings.

The Beast’s Final Swallow

With the sound returning to more of a rock sound, I guess I shouldn’t have been shocked when the ballad “Terminally Vain” popped up, but it’s the lyrics of “blah, blah, blah” that made me laugh. No, I’m not kidding, the lyrics actually say that, but the guitar break in the middle is fantastic, and not overdone, fitting the song perfectly, but adding that Hard Rock flavour we needed here. Good fun tune and should be taken tongue in cheek.

FINALLY! The opening to “Oxygen Thief” is a straight punch to the teeth. A fast-paced and rocking tune. A sure fired tune, that if played live, will fire up any crowd, and get the sweat flowing. With blazing guitar sounds, and pounding skins, this a great way to draw the album to an almost close.

The final track, called “Stoopid Iz As Stoopid Duz” is an instrumental track that is solid, and well played, but maybe should have been left as one of those “Hidden Bonus Tracks”. I loved hearing it, and it’s a good fun track, but as far as an album closer, I just cannot say.  Yes, it’s better than a ballad closer (you know how I hate that!) but I wonder sometimes if this style of track isn’t much different. I’ll leave it to your own ears to decide.


So there you have it. The newest, and long-awaited album, Living Breathing Monster from Knock Out Kaine. Any fan of this group knows they play by their own rules, and no one will tell them how to do their craft. Is the album a good solid album? Well, for the most part, I’d say yes. Is it all killer, and no filler? I’d have to say no, but I will say that I did enjoy the whole album, have played it numerous times, and have only really skipped the instrumental at the end, so that’s saying something, but my opinion is just that…Mine.  Go out there, give this a listen, and form your own thoughts, but make a comment, and let me know what you think!

Rock On!

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  • Dean Foxx – Vocals
  • Jimmy Bohemian – Guitars
  • Lee Byrne – Bass
  • Danny Krash – Drums


  1. Nothing Ever Changes
  2. Living Breathing Monster
  3. Mine All Mine
  4. Burn The Witch
  5. Into The Fire
  6. Personal Hell
  7. She’s Kinda Like
  8. Terminally Vain
  9. Oxygen Theif
  10. Stoopid Iz As Stoopid Duz