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LACED IN LUST – First Bite

Laced In Lust gets the First Bite

Australia once again comes out with another great band in the rock genre. Laced In Lust comes at us in 2021 with a new album called First Bite. This 14-track hard rocker is the longest album they have had since 2014 and the five-track EP Firing Lines. Their last recording was in 2016 with a three-track EP called Party’s Over but far from over it was. With the image of the sunset strip, they have been described as a sleazy Status Quo. Hailing from Adelaide Australia they won a battle of bands early in their career that set them aside from their peers.

The First Bite

First Bite is Laced In Lust‘s first album since signing with Rockshot Records and if this album is an example of what they can create, I doubt it will be the last. Kicking off this album is “Save Me”. Ripping guitars and a simple hook drags you in right from the top. With a real swagger, these guys swing and sway themselves through 4 minutes of riffs and slamming skins and I do not mean what goes on backstage. Torsten Steel very capably handles the lead vocals and rhythm guitar, while Russell Boyd handles the percussions behind the band and seems to keep them together. Slamming on the bass is a guy who simply goes by the name Oopie. Lastly, but certainly not forgotten is lead guitarist and Nick Robinson.

Following up “Save Me” is “Hot Tonight” and then we have “Hard in This Town“. The guitar work in “Hard in This Town” almost gives me a feeling of listening to a KISS song especially the way it plays in the middle of the song. It sounds like KISS wrapping up “Rock and Roll All Night” at the end of the show, so I am not sure if there is some influence there, but if you’re a fan you might also hear it. Also, there are parts that sound a bit like “Move On” from Paul Stanley in other parts.

In the Firing Line

The song “Your Name” falls into slot four and has a real classic rock sound with an almost a CCR vibe to it. Acoustic guitars and some mellow lyrics keep this one together though and it does fit well on the record although not quite a ballad, but a slower track. Air raid sirens lead us into the next one as we prepare for the bombastic firing lines some great guitar work in this one, this one ebbs and flows and almost has a Black Sabbath vibe underlining the music. You are not going to want to skip this one.

Keeping in mind the song “Firing Lines” is a redone track from their 2014 EP of the same name. Also, “Party’s Over” comes from their 2016 three-track EP as do others throughout this full-length album, but that does not detract from the album. The flow of an album is important, and they all fit perfectly.

Youthful Reminiscence

Laced In Lust Band

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Maybe the next couple songs like “On Parole” or “I Remember When I Was Young” are a fun nod or a look back at the younger years of the members of Laced In Lust who is to say, but all I know is that these tracks simply rock. “I Remember When I Was Young” has a bluesy swing to it, and pays a great tribute to where rock began, but still kicks some ass while doing it. One could hear Black Sabbath here with undertones of “Fairies Wear Boots”.

“Fire” has a fantastic bass line starting things off before the drums and guitars come in. A simple riff that will have fans off their seats and singing along with the infectious chorus. This song just screams, play me live.

Rock You

Up next is yet another track that I cannot quite put my finger on, but “Rock You” has another familiar sound to it, and for the life of me I cannot place it. You could almost hear Michael Monroe doing this one, with its punk-influenced undertones. Regardless of who it might sound like it’s a killer track with a great hook that will suck you in and keep you there.

Every guy that has ever been in a touring, recording band has no doubt thought about the sexual exploits that may lie ahead for him. “Lip Service” isn’t about that even though the song may suggest it. Also coming from part of Laced In Lust‘sprevious catalogue, “Lip Service” is a song about how everyone is to be mistrusted in what they say compared to what they do. Life on the road indeed.

Triple Set

“Black Heart Murder” probably has one of my favourite solos on this album. The guitar just shreds here. Not to take away from the rest of the guys, but damn! This track is a killer track and could very be one of the best overall on First Bite for this listener. After that, it’s “I’m Alone”. Another guitar-orientated track that again has those punk undertones blended with rock in its finest.

Finishing off this 14-track journey is the obligatory ballad. I will keep saying it until I die, but you should not ever end an album on a ballad. Regardless of how well it is written or played, and it could be the most beautiful song ever, it still should not be a way to end things off. Now with that little rant out of the way, let’s discuss “Sun Song”. This track is really reminiscent of an early 70’s vibe. This is just a well-written track about a person’s journey through a drug-addled life and being fortunate enough to come out the other end and being able to see the sunrise on a new day. Deep, well written, and a great story being sung here, just needed a better placement on the album.

Psycho Thoughts

Having heard Laced In Lust before from their EPs I was quite happy to hear about the arrival of this album. Yes, it’s some tunes from their previous catalogue, but does that matter? We finally got a cohesive, full-length album from the Aussie boys and I for one am happy about it. For what I would consider being a debut album, this is a damn good start. I hope the guys have been writing for album number two and try to completely arrive at new material. Until then, I think I’ll have myself a second bite of First Bite.


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  • Torsten Steel – Lead Singer / Rhythm Guitar
  • Russell Boyd – Drums
  • Oopie – Bass / Vocals
  • Nick Robinson – Lead Guitar / Vocals


  1. Save Me (L.I.L. Woman) (4:29)
  2. Hot Tonight (5:23)
  3. Hard In This Town (4:22)
  4. Your Name (4:30)
  5. Firing Lines (4:43)
  6. Party’s Over (3:13)
  7. On Parole (3:57)
  8. I Remember When I Was Young (4:32)
  9. Fire (4:17)
  10. Rock You (3:59)
  11. Lipservice (5:02)
  12. Black Heart Murder (5:12)
  13. I’m Alone (5:04)
  14. Sunrise (4:02)