LACED IN LUST - First Bite

LACED IN LUST – First Bite

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New release from: LACED IN LUST – First Bite (February, 2021)

Aussie Hard Rockers LACED IN LUST unveil new video for “Hard In This Town” track, off the forthcoming album First Bite.

With a sound frequently described as a “Sleazy Status Quo” with the image of the “Sunset Strip”, Laced In Lust has been turning heads since their first show in April 2012. The 14 track debut album First Bite is a diverse record with some major sleaze elements to hold true to the genre, but also have some just good ol’ Aussie rock n’ roll tones with a slice of dirty blues.

Singer/guitarist Torsten Steel explains the story behind the track: “Is a story about a city in Australia that I lived in for a year that was really an eye-opener. Even though a lot of the lyrics are about this city (which I actually for some strange reason do have a small soft spot for) they certainly relate to many other cities and towns around Australia that I have also had experiences in also. I moved away from the band to a different city in 2018 for work. But it really wasn’t a smart move. Huge unemployment rate, terrible methamphetamine problem, local economy totally screwed and getting worse, the highest youth crime in the country and major sexual assault issues where you can’t walk the streets at night for fear of murder or rape. That’s not to mention that car theft and home break-ins are so normal that no one cares anymore because they’re just desensitized to it now haha. Let’s just say a huge natural disaster occurred and a lot of people were hoping that it would wipe out the whole scum of the city so the government could push the reset button on the place and start again….. So I had to write about this as I was living the same nightmare for 1 whole year“.

First Bite is set to be released in February 2021.

Laced In Lust is:

Torsten Steel – Lead Vox/Guitar
Nick Robinson – Lead Guitar/Vox
Oopie – Bass/Vox
Russell Boyd – Drums/Vox
Caleb Wynne (Touring Bass Player)


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