Licence - Never 2 Old 2 RockAnd here we go again! For the second occurrence in recent times at CGCM central, two of the only three guys involved in CGCM have reviewed the same album! You’d think we could communicate better since there’s only three of us? Or maybe the album was again just that damn good that it needed to be showcased by two of us? You read the reviews and judge for yourself. Here we take a run at an album titled Never 2 Old 2 Rock. It’s the sophomore offering from Licence. Staff writer Trevor “Psychoone” McDougall delivers one article while podcast co-host/creator and writer Rich “The Meister” Dillon supplies the other.

Formed by Steam Thiess and featuring his daughter Jacky on vocals, bassist Pappe and drummer Sammy Sin. Check out this German Melodic Hard Rock band and let us know what you think of Licence!

LICENCE – Licence 2 Rock (Album Review)



Never 2 Old 2 Rock (Album Reviews)

LICENCE – Never 2 Old 2 Rock (Album Review)

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