ShawnAnimalizeIrwin of CGCM Podcast was proud to be a part of Lindsay Schoolcraft‘s CD release party live in Toronto on Friday, December 6th, 2019. Here’s his blog of LINDSAY SCHOOLCRAFTLive in Toronto.

Oshawa’s own Lindsay Schoolcraft recently released her debut album Martyr. Now the time has come for her to play these songs live. I was not going to let a snowstorm from earlier in the day ruin my chances to see this show. Not sure what to expect from the opening bands as it is always great to discover new music.

Getting to the venue 15 mins before the first band came on, I had the chance to talk with Noel Peters. Peters, who is not only Lindsay’s manager but the owner of Inertia Entertainment – a very successful concert booking company which was founded in 1996. Peters has booked countless concerts throughout the Toronto area for years and is well known in the local hard rock music scene. It’s always great to talk about music with someone with this amount of experience. Maybe CGCM Podcast should do a podcast with Noel.

Darkstone Crows start the evening…

As the local band Darkstone Crows finished their first song, I found myself heading to the stage with my camera in hand. Lead singer Elle mesmerized the crowd with her beautiful vocals. This is a 6-piece band that will soon be recording the single that they closed the eight-song setlist with.

Astaroth Incarnate hit hard…

Up next was Astaroth Incarnate. It felt like I was pummeled with a ton of bricks when this band hit the stage and kicked it in high gear. They came out heavy and loud, demanding the crowd’s attention. With the hard pounding drums, fast-playing guitars and growls from lead singer Astaroth (Sam) this Toronto band know how to entertain their audience. It wasn’t all about their music, as their theatrical stage presence left the audience enthralled. Not something I would personally listen to, but I give the group lots of credit as they were very entertaining. They can definitely get their fans riled up as there was a lot of moshing happening throughout their set.



Now for the main act, Lindsay Schoolcraft from the UK based band, Cradle of Filth, presented by 94.9 The Rock.

Lindsay Schoolcraft

Placing myself front row center as I have done many times at concerts, Lindsay starts her set off with the opening track of Martyr, “Savior”. My favourite song from the new album which didn’t disappoint hearing it live. The band consists of Cody Johnstone on guitar, Bri Lue-Km on bass, and Scott Brindley on drums, were all spot on while Lindsay’s vocals were brilliant. Continuing with the 2nd and 3rd tracks from the album is “Dangerous Game” and “Stranger”.

As it seemed like we were in for a setlist of the new album from start to finish, Lindsay changed it up with “Warn Me”. Which is a bonus track from the limited-edition storybook CD.  This is the first track that Rocky Gray and Lindsay wrote together. A nice surprise before getting into the heavy track “See the Light” with special guest Sam from Astaroth Incarnate.

All Hail Oshawa!

Once again some of the fans found themselves joining in the mosh pit while Sam accompanied Lindsay for the next song, for a cover of “Fear to Rage” from the movie soundtrack 1031. Before the next song, a fan shouted out “Oshawa!”, which started a lot of cheering showing support of their hometown performer. Lindsay talked about how she used to sing in front of her mirror and now this is awesome playing this night. As the group slows things down with “Into the NightLindsay gracefully brings this beautiful song to life, equalling the compelling studio version.

Lindsay dedicated this next track “Remember” to her partner Dillon, who has been through thick and thin for her the last two years.

As we near the end of the evening, “Where I Fall” is for all those struggling with mental health, getting Lindsay emotional as this topic affects so many.



The band breaks into “Lullaby”, which would be a perfect ending, but we scored a special surprise with an unreleased track. As guitarist Cody Johnstone plugs in his acoustic guitar for the next song “Emily”, Lindsay explains that it didn’t make it on Martyr, so it will be on the next album. Due to Lindsay’s harp breaking, they played this new piece acoustically. I can’t wait to hear this on the next CD especially if it is played with her harp.

Shawn’s Reflections on the show…

The show ended just after midnight, and as I reflect on the evening, I am so glad I made it down to Toronto for this show. Hearing these songs live after playing the Martyr CD so many times has given me more of an appreciation of what Lindsay has done for herself. If I didn’t have so much to do over the weekend, I may have found myself travelling to Montreal to see this show again.

Check out her website to purchase the new album and other great merchandise to support this wonderful singer/songwriter. If you have a chance to see Lindsay Schoolcraft live, don’t miss it.

Read the album review for Martyr and listen to the recent interview to find out more about Lindsay Schoolcraft.

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