LYCANTHRO - Mark of the Wolf (June 04, 2021)

LYCANTHRO – Mark of the Wolf

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New release from: LYCANTHRO – Mark of the Wolf (June 04, 2021)

Lycanthro are a four-piece Power/Thrash metal band that formed in 2016 in
Ottawa, Canada. They combine power, thrash, and speed metal, along with an energetic and epic stage presence with their lyrical themes from classic horror and mythology.

Lycanthro introduced themselves to the Candian metal scene with the release of their self-titled demo followed soon after by their 2018 EP Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.

Encapsulating a heavy, yet melodic sound, that is drawn from influences of both European/American classic power and thrash metal along with high howling vocals, piercing guitars, a booming rhythm section as well as uses of instruments such as piano and classical guitar to forge a powerful sound, Lycanthro continues on in 2021 with their signing to Alone Records for the release of their first full-length Mark of The Wolf. The album was recorded at Wolf Lake Studios in Lac-des-Loups, Quebec and was mastered by Seven Spires guitarist Jack Kosto. For the track “Fallen Angels Prayer”, the band brought in a professional chamber choir to add to its epicness.

The album features various lyrical content that fans will appreciate exploring through its different dimensions. Some of the tracks are homages to different stories in pop culture and media, others are meant to bring the listener on a journey through the worlds of each song, or simply meant to be marvel as epic metal we trust.

The band adds:

We are trying to present fans with a varied and memorable listening experience. Even though everything on this album still fits under the power/thrash metal umbrella, there is something for everyone on this record. High soaring vocals, harmonized guitars, heavy chugging riffs, odd but cool instruments and even a breakdown or two, all metalheads have something they can take from this record and walk away with a positive experience.”

Mark of The Wolf is due out spring 2021 on Greek label Alone Records.

Album Band Line Up:

James Delbridge – Vocals, Guitars
David Shute – Guitars
Carlo Cote – Bass
Nathan Shuman – Drums
Forrest Dussault – Guitars

Live Band Line Up:

James Delbridge – Vocals, Guitars
Forest Dussault – Guitars
Stew Everitt – Bass
Panos Andrikopoulos – Drums


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