Pretty Wild - Interstate 13Just a little info about myself. I’m a 6’9″ man that is as large as I am tall. Weighing in at 300+ pounds, I work hard for a living just like everyone else. I’ve recently had knee surgery, and have been home a lot, with a lot of free time on my hands. With that time, I’ve been able to listen, and write a lot of reviews on some great bands upcoming or recently released albums. I never claimed to be a professional writer, and sometimes I think I have no business doing it. However, I love telling people about some great music. So that’s my mission. To open people’s eyes and ears to what’s out there to hear. So here I am again, hoping that you will give Pretty Wild the time they so rightfully deserve.

Pretty Wild – Interstate 13 (The Album)

Pretty Wild - Interstate 13Their newest must have album, Interstate 13, is due to drop May 31st. It’s destined to be one of those albums that you pop in, and just simply rock out too. No it’s not slamming metal, but just well-constructed Sleaze Rock. From the tribal drums that start off the album, you’re going to know immediately, that these Scandinavian Sleaze Rockers mean business. I don’t think that they plan on going away anytime soon.

Defined by their melodic sound, and extremely well-crafted songs, they bring a great vibe, and high energy hard rock to the scene. On Black Lodge Records, Interstate 13 is a fantastic followup to their self-titled debut album. Great solos, and in your face vocals, the songs are hard pounding, and meant to get you off your backside. I’d have to say it does just that.

The two singles that have been put out into the world are, “Break Down the Walls,” and “Meant for Trouble.” Honestly, they couldn’t have picked better tracks to represent their sound to the masses. Both are drag out, punch you in the nether region rockers! Both had me banging right along with every beat.

My Final Thoughts

With Pretty Wild, you get what the name says. Some “Pretty Wild” Hard Rock, and these days, we can’t ask for anything more. We all need that music to get us off our asses, and move. I think if we all did that, the world will be a better place, and with bands like Pretty Wild, and albums like Interstate 13, we are well on our way.

Pretty Wild - Interstae 13 - Swedish AOR ConYou can catch Pretty Wild live at Swedish AOR Convention for their album launch party. Details here:

Swedish AOR Convention: FACEBOOK

Tickets to the Event: Kulturbolaget / Eventim

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  1. Lets Get It Out
  2. Meant For Trouble
  3. Superman
  4. Wild And Free
  5. Give It All Tonight
  6. Stand My Ground
  7. The Way I Am
  8. Thanks To You
  9. Shot Me Down
  10. Walk The Edge
  11. I Love It
  12. Break Down The Walls


  • Ivan Ivve Höglund – Vocals
  • Axl Ludwig – Guitar
  • Kim Chevelle – Bass
  • Johnny Benson – Drums