Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow - Sweden Rock 2019The Rainbow story begins in 1975, when one of the world’s biggest guitar heroes Ritchie Blackmore leaves Deep Purple for a new project. Until 1984 Rainbow is a waterhole for some of the greatest musicians in hard rock, releasing seven studio albums packed with classics like “Man on the Silver Mountain”, “Stargazer”, “Long Live Rock’n’Roll” and “Since You’ve Been Gone”. 1993-97 sees another round and another album, after which Ritchie changes direction with folk project Blackmore’s Night, ending Rainbow. Until 2015, when Ritchie re-awakens the titan once more, bringing the likes of Swedish keyboard king Jens Johansson and Spanish killer vocalist Ronnie Romero into the fold. In 2018 new song “Waiting for the Sign” is released, and 2019 sees Rainbow‘s highly anticipated SRF debut for one of only four select European concerts this season. (from Swedenrock.com). RITCHIE BLACKMORE’S RAINBOWSweden Rock 2019.


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