Sweden Rock final PosterHere we go again…..Decibel Geek‘s festival-addicted travelling side show Rich “The Meister” Dillon is once again set to head off on a voyage across the great pond to his fourth consecutive Sweden Rock Festival. Last year he was joined by Mikael “The Lionsheart” Svensson, who living in Sweden has made many an appearance at the event, in his first as a Decibel Geek staff representative and occasional writer Laura Suchan.

You can check out all of Decibel Geek‘s coverage of the 2015 Festival including daily diary blog reviews, live performance videos and spotlight reviews of band sets through this link: Sweden Rock Festival 2015

Prior to the 2015 event staff writer/photographer Shawn “Animalize” Irwin hemmed and hawed agonizing for months on whether to join us or not, eventually electing to pass. Being the kind of people that we are, we printed out a Facebook photo of Mr. Irwin and took photos of “him” at festival events and concerts throughout the weekend, rubbing it in as much as possible that he should be there with us! I like to think that we did our job as for 2016 he has made the commitment and will be attending his first Sweden Rock Festival! So this year we have three full Decibel Geeks on site and we are ramping up our coverage, while still rocking out to some fantastic bands (and guzzling a few dozen beers for those of us that are drinkers;))

We will be bringing you our daily blog style reviews with input from all three Geeks as well as live performance videos of awesome sets and featured “spotlight” reviews where we will offer an expanded view of a special performance or experience. As well as that, we are in the works of confirming and setting times for interviews with Eleine, King Kobra, 220 Volt, the mighty Sabaton and more!

If you see us at the event, don’t be shy come and say “hi”. Who knows, we might even have some Decibel Geek swag for ya (but probably not, ’cause we’re cheap and need all our money for beer).

Sound off! Who’s gonna be there?

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