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NWOBHM Radio Show Part #1 (Meister Music Radio Show)

Hello all, I’m Rich “The Meister” Dillon co-creator, podcast co-host, website content creator and radio show host here at CGCM Rock Radio. I’ve long been a fan of the NWOBHM and similar-sounding sub-genres of Metal. So for a while now I’ve been thinking about showcasing NWOBHM bands in an episode of my weekly CGCM Rock […]

KICKIN VALENTINA CGCM Radio Takeover (Feature)

On Sunday, January 10, 2021, the CGCM Rock Radio mascot and station DJ Buzzsaw Beaver did not show up for work. The Beaver had never missed a shift before, he’s responsible for the awesome mix of tunes you hear on our station in between the DJ shows. After a few stressful days, the CGCM crew […]