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BEST OF 2020 – Andy “Maddog” Lafon (Writer)

This year CGCM decided to include EP (previously they were excluded from Top Ten Albums). Live albums and re-records were still disqualified, new music only for Best of Year. We also instigated a (highly complex🤣 – 1 point for 10th place through to 10 points for 1st place) rating system throughout all individual lists to […]

PERFECT PLAN – Time for a Miracle (September 04, 2020)

Check out all our Upcoming Release announcements and hear the new Perfect Plan singles “Better Walk Alone” and “Time for a Miracle” on CGCM Radio. New release from: PERFECT PLAN – Time for a Miracle (September 04, 2020) Sometimes the stars align and create a perfect balance of talent within a group. A band like Perfect […]

Trevors Top 5 EPs of 2019 – The E.P. Appendices

No one can escape the fact that due to the volatile music industry that many bands are only releasing EPs and singles now. As with the greatest album of “Top Whatever” lists those EPs, live albums and compilation albums are usually exempt from those lists. I can understand that live and compilation albums are because […]